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Fabio Pianese
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Regularized Bottleneck with Early Labeling,
Gabriele Castellano, Fabio Pianese , Damiano Carra, Tianzhu Zhang , Giovanni Neglia,
ITC 2022 - 34th International Teletraffic Congress 2022, Shenzhen, China
Towards Inference Delivery Networks: Distributing Machine Learning with Optimality Guarantees,
Tareq Si Salem, Gabriele Castellano , Giovanni Neglia, Fabio Pianese , Andrea Araldo ,
MedComNet 2021, Ibiza (virtual), Spain
Indoor Localization Using Multi-Color Fingerprinting,
Till Rexhausen, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen , Fabio Pianese ,
HealthCom 2020, Shenzhen, China
Transparent AR Processing Acceleration at the Edge,
Marco Trinelli , Massimo Gallo , Myriana Rifai , Fabio Pianese ,
EdgeSys@EuroSys 2019
CliMBOS: A Modular NFV Cloud Backend for the Internet of Things,
Massimo Gallo , Samir Ghamri Doudane , Fabio Pianese ,
NTMS 2018
Small Transactions with Sustainable Incentives,
Fabio Pianese , Matteo Signorini , Souradip Sarkar,
NTMS 2018
vNS: a modular programmable virtual network switch,
Massimo Gallo , Fabio Pianese ,
SIGCOMM Posters and Demos 2018
Augmenting practical cross-layer MAC schedulers via offline reinforcement learning,
Fabio Pianese , Peter Danielsen,
PIMRC 2017
A programmable data plane for heterogeneous NFV platforms,
Diego Perino , Massimo Gallo , Rafael Laufer, Zied Ben Houidi , Fabio Pianese ,
INFOCOM Workshops 2016
Orchestrating 5G virtual network functions as a modular Programmable Data Plane,
Fabio Pianese , Massimo Gallo , Alberto Conte, Diego Perino ,
NOMS 2016
Optimized data-driven MAC schedulers for low-latency downlink in LTE networks,
Fabio Pianese , Peter Danielsen,
WONS 2016
Discovering and predicting user routines by differential analysis of social network traces,
Fabio Pianese, Xueli An, Fahim Kawsar, Hiroki Ishizuka,
Understanding co-channel interference in LTE-based multi-tier cellular networks,
Xueli An, Fabio Pianese,
Telco clouds and Virtual Telco: Consolidation, convergence, and beyond,
Peter Bosch, Alessandro Duminuco, Fabio Pianese, Thomas Wood,
Integrated Network Management 2011
dMME: Virtualizing LTE mobility management,
Xueli An, Fabio Pianese, Indra Widjaja, Utku Gunay Acer,
LCN 2011
Optimizing resource sharing in node-capacitated overlay networks,
Jimmy Leblet, Fabio Pianese, Gwendal Simon,
Autonomous and Spontaneous Networks Symposium 2008, Paris, France
Resource and locality awareness in an incentive-based P2P live streaming system,
Fabio Pianese, Diego Perino,
workshop on Peer-to-peer streaming and IP-TV 2007, Kyoto, Japan
PULSE, a Flexible P2P Live Streaming System,
Fabio Pianese, Joaquin Keller, Ernst Biersack,

Journal articles

System Log Parsing: A Survey,
Tianzhu Zhang , Han Qiu, Gabriele Castellano, Myriana Rifai, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen , Fabio Pianese ,
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 2023
Network function virtualization: through the looking-glass,
Anandatirtha Nandugudi , Massimo Gallo , Diego Perino , Fabio Pianese ,
Ann. des Télécommunications 2016
DMME: A Distributed LTE Mobility Management Entity,
Xueli An, Fabio Pianese, Indra Widjaja, Utku Gunay Acer,
Bell Labs Tech. J. 2012
PULSE : an Adaptative, Incentive-based, Unstructured P2P Live Streaming System,
Fabio Pianese, Diego Perino, Joaquín Keller, Ernst Biersack,
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 2007
PULSE: An Adaptive, Incentive-Based, Unstructured P2P Live Streaming System,
Fabio Pianese, Diego Perino, Joaquin Keller, Ernst Biersack,
IEEE Trans. Multim. 2007