Andrea Araldo

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The cost of learning fast with reinforcement learning for edge cache allocation,
Theo Bouganim, Andrea Araldo, Antoine Lavignotte, Nessim Oussedik, Gabriel Guez,
ITC 2020: International Teletraffic Congress PhD Workshop 2020, Osaka, Japan
EdgeMORE - improving resource allocation with multiple options from tenants,
Andrea Araldo, Alessandro Di Stefano, Antonella Di Stefano,
CCNC 2020, Las Vegas, United States
Resource allocation for edge computing with multiple tenant configurations,
Andrea Araldo, Alessandro Di Stefano, Antonella Di Stefano,
SAC 2020, Brno, Czechia
On the Importance of demand Consolidation in Mobility on Demand,
Andrea Araldo, Andrea Di Maria, Antonella Di Stefano, Giovanni Morana,
DS-RT 2019, Consenza, Italy
AMoDSim - An Efficient and Modular Simulation Framework for Autonomous Mobility on Demand,
Andrea Di Maria, Andrea Araldo, Giovanni Morana, Antonella Di Stefano,
IOV 2018, Paris, France
Integrated simulation of activity-based demand and multi-modal dynamic supply for energy assessment,
Nicholas Fournier, Siyu Chen, Isabel Hemerly Viegas De Lima, Zach Needell, Aikaterini Deliali, Andrea Araldo, Arun Prakash, Carlos Lima Azevedo, Eleni Christofa, Jessika E, Trancik, Moshe Ben Akiva,
ITSC 2018
Stochastic Dynamic Cache Partitioning for Encrypted Content Delivery,
Andrea Araldo , Gyorgy Dan, Dario Rossi ,
ITC 2016, Wuerzburg, Germany
Representation selection problem - Optimizing video delivery through caching,
Andrea Araldo , Fabio Martignon, Dario Rossi ,
Networking 2016, Wien, Austria
Design and evaluation of cost-aware information centric routers,
Andrea Araldo , Dario Rossi , Fabio Martignon,
ICN 2014, Paris, France
Cost-aware caching - Optimizing cache provisioning and object placement in ICN,
Andrea Araldo , Michele Mangili, Fabio Martignon, Dario Rossi ,
GLOBECOM 2014, Austin, United States
A per-application account of bufferbloat - Causes and impact on users,
Andrea Araldo , Dario Rossi ,
IWCMC 2014, Nicosia, Cyprus
Dissecting Bufferbloat: Measurement and Per-Application Breakdown of Queueing Delay,
Andrea Araldo , Dario Rossi ,
ACM CoNEXT'13, Student Workshop 2013, Santa Barbara, United States

Journal articles

From traditional to automated mobility on demand: a comprehensive framework for modeling on-demand services in SimMobility,
Bat-Hen Nahmias-Biran, Jimi Oke, Nishant Kumar, Kakali Basak, Andrea Araldo, Ravi Seshadri, Arun Akkinepally, Carlos Lima Azevedo, Moshe Ben-Akiva,
Transportation Research Record 2019
System-level optimization of multi-modal transportation networks for energy efficiency using personalized incentives: formulation, implementation, and performance,
Andrea Araldo, Song Gao, Ravi Seshadri, Carlos Lima Azevedo, Hossein Ghafourian, Yihang Sui, Sayeeda Ayaz, David Sukhin, Moshe Ben-Akiva,
Transportation Research Record 2019
Caching Encrypted Content Via Stochastic Cache Partitioning,
Andrea Araldo, Gyorgy Dan, Dario Rossi ,
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 2018
Cost-Aware Caching - Caching More (Costly Items) for Less (ISPs Operational Expenditures),
Andrea Araldo , Dario Rossi , Fabio Martignon,
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 2016
Parameter Space Representation of Pareto Front to Explore Hardware-Software Dependencies,
Vincenzo Catania, Andrea Araldo , Davide Patti,
ACM Trans. Embed. Comput. Syst. 2015