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The LINCS, Laboratory for Information, Networking and Communication Sciences, is a joint academy-industry research and innovation Lab, active in the domain of future information and communication networks, systems and services. Its partners are InriaInstitut Mines-TelecomNokia Bell LabsSorbonne Université and SystemX.

LINCS counts today more than 100 senior and junior researchers, covering a broad scope of domains, both at the core of the digital technologies and in relation with the digitalization of various activity sectors, like energy, transportation and health.

A key concept of LINCS’s organization is the physical co-localization of researchers from the five partner institutions, as well as of a large set of international invited experts, creating a collaborative space that highly accelerates the emergence of innovative ideas, the identification of their potential for value creation and the evaluation of these ideas through advanced modeling and experimentation, thus facilitating their transfer to the industry world.

Information and communication technologies, systems and services are considered today as a key element in the evolution of the society. The domain spans a wide range of research topics and encompasses the evolution of paradigms like the Internet of Things, the distribution of the intelligence (artificial intelligence solutions spanning over cloud, MEC – multi-access edge computing and smart devices), the evolution towards the Internet of the intelligence, automation of processes, new transactional paradigms (e.g. based on blockchains), which are becoming key enablers for enhancing quality of life and optimizing industrial and business processes, through their impact on the effective transition towards Smart cities, Intelligent Transport Systems, Smart Grids, e-Health, Industry 4.0 and others.

In 2021, LINCS is celebrating its 10th anniversary: 10 years during which a strong sense of belonging has been created, leading to many success stories with high impact.