LINCS c/o Télécom-Paris (Dep. INFRES – 4th floor)
19, place Marguerite Perey
91120 Palaiseau

After 10 years near place d’Italie in Paris, from June 2022 LINCS is located in Palaiseau, in the premises of Télécom-Paris (20 km south of Paris). We’re colocalized with the Department INFRES at the 4th floor (corridors B and C). During working hours, guests can leave an ID at the welcome desk to obtain a guest badge. You can take the elevators to the 4th floor. Here the maps of:

Director of the Lab
Daniel Kofman
Office 4B40

Administrative contact
Cristina Venitucci
Office 4B38
Tel: +33 1 87 02 54 87
Mail: cristina.venitucci{AT}telecom-paris{DOT}fr

How to get to the LINCS :

  • By car: To enter the underground reserved parking of Télécom-Paris, you need to send in advance the following details to the LINCS assistant (e-mail here above):

surname, first name of the guest
vehicle registration, brand and model
date and time of arrival
date and departure times
phone number of the LINCS referent person welcoming the guest

  • By public transport: From central Paris, you should take the RER B southwards. The easiest way is to get off at Massy-Palaiseau: there you take the bus 91.10, you get off just near Télécom-Paris at the stop « Ferme de la Vauve » and you can enter via the south-east entrance via the patio. 

There are two additional path options:

– Get off at Le Guichet and climb the steps and go through passerelle de la Troche to get on the Plateau. You have to exit the station via the exit at the rear of the train (when coming from Paris), then you cross the rails on the bridge, then it is straight forward: you follow the sidewalk and climb all the stairs to the top, it is all in a straight line. There are quite a lots of steps, but it is all safe for pedestrians, and lit at night. At the top of the stairs, you go on the straight line along the road (there is a sidewalk and houses), and you arrive at a paved way though the forest that is the passerelle de la Troche. At the other side, you can reach the sidewalk via a wooden walkway. Then you reach Télécom-Paris via the south-west entrance where pedestrians can go through. There is an elevator just near this entrance. This is the shortest path time-wise, especially since all RER stop at Le Guichet.
– Get off at Lozère and walk on the road to climb on the plateau. At the beginning, there is a sidewalk and houses along the road, but in the forest there is no sidewalk. Also the road climbs quite steeply. You arrive at Télécom-Paris by the south-east entrance. This is probably the shortest path distance-wise. 

Working with us

See this page for application purpose and instructions.

Staying around

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