Zied Ben Houidi

Zied Ben Houidi
Institution Nokia Bell Labs
GroupAssociate members of the LINCS


A Knowledge-Based Systems Approach to Reason About Networking,
Zied Ben Houidi ,
HotNets 2016, 22-28
A programmable data plane for heterogeneous NFV platforms,
Diego Perino , Massimo Gallo , Rafael P. Laufer, Zied Ben Houidi , Fabio Pianese ,
INFOCOM Workshops 2016, 77-82
Gold Mining in a River of Internet Content Traffic,
Zied Ben Houidi , Giuseppe Scavo , Samir Ghamri Doudane, Alessandro Finamore, Stefano Traverso, Marco Mellia,
TMA 2014, London, United Kingdom, 91-103
A high speed information-centric network in a mobile backhaul setting,
Diego Perino , Massimo Gallo , Roger Boislaigue, Leonardo Linguaglossa , Matteo Varvello, Giovanna Carofiglio , Luca Muscariello , Zied Ben Houidi ,
ICN 2014, 199-200
A new VPN routing approach for large scale networks,
Zied Ben Houidi, Mickaël Meulle,
ICNP 2010, 124-133
Understanding slow BGP routing table transfers,
Zied Ben Houidi, Mickaël Meulle, Renata Teixeira,
Internet Measurement Conference 2009, Chicago, IL, United States, 350-355
Origin of route explosion in virtual private networks,
Zied Ben Houidi, Renata Teixeira, Marc Capelle,
CoNEXT 2007, 58

Journal articles

You, the Web, and Your Device - Longitudinal Characterization of Browsing Habits,
Luca Vassio, Idilio Drago, Marco Mellia, Zied Ben Houidi , Mohamed Lamine Lamali,
TWEB 2018, 24:1-24:30
WeBrowse - Leveraging User Clicks for Content Discovery in Communities of a Place,
Giuseppe Scavo, Zied Ben Houidi , Stefano Traverso, Renata Teixeira , Marco Mellia,
Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 2017, 93:1-93:24
mPlane - an intelligent measurement plane for the internet,
Brian Trammell, Pedro Casas, Dario Rossi , Arian Bär, Zied Ben Houidi , Ilias Leontiadis, Tivadar Szemethy, Marco Mellia,
IEEE Communications Magazine 2014, 148-156
The price of tussles - bankrupt in cyberspace?,
Zied Ben Houidi, Hélia Pouyllau,
SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review 2012, 34-37


WeBrowse - Mining HTTP logs online for network-based content recommendation,
Giuseppe Scavo , Zied Ben Houidi , Stefano Traverso, Renata Teixeira , Marco Mellia,
CoRR 2016
From Rough Consensus to Automated Reasoning,
Zied Ben Houidi ,
CoRR 2015