Zied Ben Houidi

Zied Ben Houidi
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You, the Web, and Your Device - Longitudinal Characterization of Browsing Habits,
Luca Vassio, Idilio Drago, Marco Mellia, Zied Ben Houidi , Mohamed Lamine Lamali,
TWEB 2018
WeBrowse - Leveraging User Clicks for Content Discovery in Communities of a Place,
Giuseppe Scavo, Zied Ben Houidi , Stefano Traverso, Renata Teixeira , Marco Mellia,
Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 2017
A Knowledge-Based Systems Approach to Reason About Networking,
Zied Ben Houidi ,
HotNets 2016
A programmable data plane for heterogeneous NFV platforms,
Diego Perino , Massimo Gallo , Rafael P. Laufer, Zied Ben Houidi , Fabio Pianese ,
INFOCOM Workshops 2016
WeBrowse - Mining HTTP logs online for network-based content recommendation,
Giuseppe Scavo , Zied Ben Houidi , Stefano Traverso, Renata Teixeira , Marco Mellia,
CoRR 2016
From Rough Consensus to Automated Reasoning,
Zied Ben Houidi ,
CoRR 2015
Gold Mining in a River of Internet Content Traffic,
Zied Ben Houidi , Giuseppe Scavo , Samir Ghamri Doudane, Alessandro Finamore, Stefano Traverso, Marco Mellia,
TMA 2014, London, United Kingdom
mPlane - an intelligent measurement plane for the internet,
Brian Trammell, Pedro Casas, Dario Rossi , Arian Bär, Zied Ben Houidi , Ilias Leontiadis, Tivadar Szemethy, Marco Mellia,
IEEE Communications Magazine 2014
A high speed information-centric network in a mobile backhaul setting,
Diego Perino , Massimo Gallo , Roger Boislaigue, Leonardo Linguaglossa, Matteo Varvello, Giovanna Carofiglio , Luca Muscariello , Zied Ben Houidi ,
ICN 2014
The price of tussles - bankrupt in cyberspace?,
Zied Ben Houidi, Hélia Pouyllau,
SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review 2012
A new VPN routing approach for large scale networks,
Zied Ben Houidi, Mickaël Meulle,
ICNP 2010
Understanding slow BGP routing table transfers,
Zied Ben Houidi, Mickaël Meulle, Renata Teixeira,
Internet Measurement Conference 2009
Origin of route explosion in virtual private networks,
Zied Ben Houidi, Renata Teixeira, Marc Capelle,
CoNEXT 2007