Here a list of awards and achievements obtained by members and students of LINCS* over the years (from 2015 on):

  • Best Paper Award: Berat Can Senel*, Maxime Mouchet*, Justin Cappos,  Olivier Fourmaux, Timur Friedman*, Rick McGeer, “EdgeNet: A Multi-Tenant and Multi-Provider Edge Cloud” (EdgeSys 2021).
  • Théo Delemazure received at Comsoc 2021 the award for the best student poster for the work he did during his internship at Lincs (NBLF).
  • Lou Salaün has been awarded of the first PhD thesis prize of the IDIA Department for his research, conducted at LINCS under the co-supervision of Marceau Coupechoux (TP) and Calvin Chen (NBLF), on resources allocation in NOMA.
  • Lou Salaün, former LINCS PhD student under the joint supervision of Marceau Coupechoux (TP) and Calvin Chen (NBLF), got the PhD thesis award of the Fondation J Hadamard Programme Gaspard Monge (PGMO).
  • Nokia AI-ML Community of Excellence Award: Fabien MATHIEU*, “Can Machine-Learning Learn Algorithms?” (Nokia Kaggle-like competition)
  • Best Paper Award: Jose HORTA*, Daniel KOFMAN*, David MENGA, Alonso SILVA*, “Novel Market Approach for Locally Balancing Renewable Energy Production and Flexible Demand” (IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications, 23-26 October 2017, Dresden Germany)
  • Best Paper Award: Céline COMTE*, Fabien MATHIEU*, “La Grille de Kleinberg, l’Univers, et le Reste” (Algotel 2017)