Talent spreading

Prof. François Baccelli, member of the French Academy of Sciences and among the founders of the LINCS, explains:

Can a light and flexible structure play a key role in the scientific landscape of the field of communications? The answer is clearly positive when one goes through the list of excellent trajectories of researchers who were part of LINCS at some point, from its foundation on. LINCS is a laboratory promoting the free collaboration between researchers based in the Paris area, from both the public and the private sectors. This laboratory plays a central role in the development of research in this field, as shown by these exemplary trajectories of researchers who have been “irrigating” the French and international academic world, as well as the industrial world, for more than 10 years now.

(please note that these lists are constantly “under construction” and that they are updated according to the information we manage to collect over time)

  • Anne Bouillard : Alcatel Huawei
  • Giovanna Carofiglio : Alcatel > Head of Lab, Cisco
  • Augustin Chaintreau : Columbia University
  • Calvin Chen : Alcatel
  • Anastasios Giovanidis : CNRS
  • Dohy Hong : Alcatel > Samsung > Head of Lab Safran
  • Sanket Kalamkar : Qualcomm @USA
  • Tien Viet Nguyen : Head of V2X Lab, Qualcomm @USA
  • Alexandre Proutière : KTH ERC @SE
  • Renata Teixeira : Netflix @USA
sorbonne universite
  • Giovanni Pau : Università di Bologna, Technical director of TII
  • Panayotis Antoniadis : ETH Zurich
  • Mikael Rabie : MC Université Paris Cité
  • Alexandre Maurer : Professor at UM6P
  • Alexandru Tatar : Lead scientist at Rakuten
  • Amélie Medem : Search engineer at Cour des Comptes
  • Antonella Del Pozzo : Researcher at CEA
  • Benjamin Baron : Software engineer at Apple
  • Filippo Rebecchi : Thales
  • Gewu Bu : MC Université Clermont Auvergne
  • Giovanni Farina : Postdoc Sapienza Università di Roma
  • John Whitbeck : Engineering Manager Liftoff Mobile
  • Kévin Vermeulen : CR CNRS
  • Mubashir Rehmani : Lecturer Munster Technological Institute
  • Oana Goga : CR CNRS
  • Quentin Bramas : MC Université de Strasbourg
  • Tiphaine Phe-Neau : Renault Digital
  • Wafa Badreddine : MC Université d’Amiens
  • Yackolley Amoussou-Guenou : CEA > MC Université Paris II
nokia bell labs
  • Giovana Carofiglio : Inria > NBLDistinguished Engineer/Senior Director at Cisco Systems, Emerging Technologies & Incubation
  • Dohy Hong : Inria > N2NSoft > NBL > Samsung > Head of Data Analytics Lab at Safran
  • Diego Perino : NBL > Director of Telefonica Research in Machine Learning > Engineering Manager at Meta in the responsible AI area
  • Amira Alloum : Inria > NBL > Huawei > Wireless R&D France Site Lead at Qualcomm
  • Dirego Kiedanski :  PhD at LINCS (TP, Chair Valadoe) > Post Doc at Yale University (US) > Founder at Carbon13 (UK) https://carbonthirteen.com/programmes/
  • Céline Comte : PhD at TPT and NBLF > Postdoc at Eindhoven University of Technology > CNRS researcher within the SARA group at LAAS 5Toulouse)
  • José Horta : PhD at LINCS (TP, CIFRE EDF) – Post Doc Transfer at EIT Digital (EU) and UTE (UY) – Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Simple Tech
  • Leonardo Linguaglossa : PHD in a joint program among Inria, Nokia Bell Labs and University Paris Diderot > Postdoc co-leading the project AI4P (Artificial Intelligence for Performance), a collaboration between TPT and TUM > Associate professor at TPT
  • Deepa Jagyasi: Postdoc TPT > Interdigital
  • Gourab Ghatak: PhD TPT > Assistant Prof IIT Delhi
  • Alaa Daher: PhD TPT > Ericsson
  • Lou Salaün: PhD TPT > Nokia
  • Hernan Felipe Harrano: PhD TPT > Ericsson
  • James Roberts : SystemX > Huawei