Han Qiu

Han Qiu
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An efficient data protection architecture based on fragmentation and encryption Une architecture de protection des données efficace basée sur la fragmentation et le cryptage,
Han Qiu,


ChainIDE 2.0: Facilitating Smart Contract Development for Consortium Blockchain,
Xiao Wu, Han Qiu , Shuyi Zhang, Gérard Memmi , Keke Gai, Wei Cai,
IEEE INFOCOM 2020 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS) 2020, Toronto, France
DIN: A Bio-Inspired Distributed Intelligence Networking,
Yufeng Li, Yankang Du, Chenhong Cao, Han Qiu ,
16th IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC) 2019, Hohhot, China
DC Coefficients Recovery from AC Coefficients in the JPEG Compression Scenario,
Han Qiu , Qinkai Zheng, Meikang Qiu, Gérard Memmi ,
Smart Computing and Communication 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Secure Data Sharing with Fast Access Revocation through Untrusted Clouds,
Katarzyna Kapusta , Han Qiu , Gérard Memmi ,
2019 10th IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility and Security (NTMS) 2019, CANARY ISLANDS, France
Poster Abstract: Secure Data Sharing by Means of Fragmentation, Encryption, and Dispersion,
Katarzyna Kapusta , Han Qiu , Gérard Memmi ,
IEEE INFOCOM 2019 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS) 2019, Paris, France
Reinforcing Protection Against Chosen-Plaintext Attack Using Ciphertext Fragmentation in Multi-cloud Environments,
Katarzyna Kapusta , Han Qiu , Gérard Memmi ,
2019 6th IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing (CSCloud)/ 2019 5th IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing and Scalable Cloud (EdgeCom) 2019, Paris, France
Re-think Monitoring Service for 5G Network: Challenges and Perspectives,
Yuchia Tseng, Gopalasingham Aravinthan, Bela Berde, Sofiane Imadali, Drissa Houatra , Han Qiu ,
IEEE CSCloud 2019 2019, Paris, France
A Dynamic Scalable Blockchain Based Communication Architecture for IoT,
Han Qiu, Meikang Qiu, Meiqin Liu, Zhong Ming, Gérard Memmi ,
SmartBlock'18 2018, Tokyo, Japan
An efficient Secure Storage Scheme Based on Information Fragmentation,
Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi , Hassan Noura,
4th IEEE Int. Conf. on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing 2017, New-York, United States
Data Protection: combining fragmentation, encryption, and dispersion,
Gérard Memmi , Katarzyna Kapusta , Han Qiu,
2015 International Conference on Cyber Security of Smart Cities, Industrial Control System and Communications 2015, Shanghai, China
Fast Selective Encryption Method for Bitmaps Based on GPU Acceleration,
Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi ,
2014 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM) 2014, Taichung, Taiwan, Province of China

Journal articles

Adjusting solar-induced fluorescence to nadir-viewing provides a better proxy for GPP,
Dalei Hao, Yelu Zeng, Zhaoying Zhang, Yongguang Zhang, Han Qiu, Khelvi Biriukova, Marco Celesti, Micol Rossini, Peng Zhu, Ghassem R. Asrar, Min Chen,
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 2022
Adversarial Attacks Against Network Intrusion Detection in IoT Systems,
Han Qiu, Tian Dong, Tianwei Zhang, Jialiang Lu, Gérard Memmi , Meikang Qiu,
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2021
Estimating near-infrared reflectance of vegetation from hyperspectral data,
Yelu Zeng, Dalei Hao, Grayson Badgley, Alexander Damm, Uwe Rascher, Youngryel Ryu, Jennifer E. Johnson, Vera Krieger, Shengbiao Wu, Han Qiu, Yaling Liu, Joseph A. Berry, Min Chen,
Remote Sensing of Environment 2021
Topological Graph Convolutional Network-Based Urban Traffic Flow and Density Prediction,
Han Qiu , Qinkai Zheng, Mounira Msahli, Gérard Memmi , Meikang Qiu, Jialiang Lu,
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2020
All-Or-Nothing data protection for ubiquitous communication: Challenges and perspectives,
Han Qiu , Katarzyna Kapusta , Zhihui Lu, Meikang Qiu, Gérard Memmi ,
Information Sciences 2019
An efficient key distribution system for data fusion in V2X heterogeneous networks,
Han Qiu , Meikang Qiu, Zhihui Lu, Gérard Memmi ,
Information Fusion 2019
DC coefficient recovery for JPEG images in ubiquitous communication systems,
Han Qiu , Gérard Memmi , Xuan Chen, Jian Xiong,
Future Generation Computer Systems 2019
Fast Selective Encryption Methods for Bitmap Images,
Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi ,
International Journal of Multimedia Data Engineering and Management (IJMDEM) 2015


Resisting Adversarial Examples via Wavelet Extension and Denoising,
Qinkai Zheng, Han Qiu, Tianwei Zhang, Gérard Memmi , Meikang Qiu, Jialiang Lu,