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Re-think Monitoring Service for 5G Network: Challenges and Perspectives,
Yuchia Tseng , Gopalasingham Aravinthan, Bela Berde, Sofiane Imadali, Drissa Houatra , Han Qiu,
IEEE CSCloud 2019 2019, Paris, France
Estimating Web Attack Detection via Model Uncertainty from Inaccurate Annotation,
Xinyu Gong, Yuefu Zhou, Yue Bi, Mingcheng He, Shiying Sheng, Han Qiu, Ruan He, Jialiang Lu,
CSCloud/EdgeCom 2019
Reinforcing Protection Against Chosen-Plaintext Attack Using Ciphertext Fragmentation in Multi-cloud Environments,
Katarzyna Kapusta, Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi,
CSCloud/EdgeCom 2019
Re-Think Monitoring Services for 5G Network - Challenges and Perspectives,
Yuchia Tseng , Gopalasingham Aravinthan, Bela Berde, Sofiane Imadali, Drissa Houatra , Han Qiu,
CSCloud/EdgeCom 2019
Poster Abstract - Secure Data Sharing by Means of Fragmentation, Encryption, and Dispersion,
Katarzyna Kapusta, Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi,
INFOCOM Workshops 2019
Optimizing the Parity Check Matrix for Efficient Decoding of RS-Based Cloud Storage Systems,
Junqing Gu, Chentao Wu, Xin Xie, Han Qiu, Jie Li, Minyi Guo, Xubin He, Yuanyuan Dong, Yafei Zhao,
IPDPS 2019
Comp-GAN - Compositional Generative Adversarial Network in Synthesizing and Recognizing Facial Expression,
Wenxuan Wang, Qiang Sun, Yanwei Fu, Tao Chen, Chenjie Cao, Ziqi Zheng, Guoqiang Xu, Han Qiu, Yu-Gang Jiang, Xiangyang Xue,
ACM Multimedia 2019
DIN - A Bio-Inspired Distributed Intelligence Networking,
Yufeng Li, Yankang Du, Chenhong Cao, Han Qiu,
NPC 2019
Secure Data Sharing with Fast Access Revocation through Untrusted Clouds,
Katarzyna Kapusta, Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi,
NTMS 2019
A Dynamic Scalable Blockchain Based Communication Architecture for IoT,
Han Qiu, Meikang Qiu, Gérard Memmi, Zhong Ming, Meiqin Liu,
SmartBlock 2018, Tokyo, Japan
An Efficient Secure Storage Scheme Based on Information Fragmentation,
Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi, Hassan N. Noura,
CSCloud 2017, New-York, United States
Data Protection: combining fragmentation, encryption, and dispersion,
Gerard Memmi, Katarzyna Kapusta, Han Qiu,
2015 International Conference on Cyber Security of Smart Cities, Industrial Control System and Communications 2015, Shanghai, China
Fast Selective Encryption Method for Bitmaps Based on GPU Acceleration,
Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi,
ISM 2014, Taichung, Taiwan, Province of China
A Forwarding Approach for Routers Supporting PIM-SM in the IPv6 Networks,
Yufeng Li, Han Qiu, Julong Lan, Binqiang Wang,
ICC 2008
Compensation Buffer Sizing for Providing User-Level QoS Guarantee of Media Flows,
Han Qiu, Yufeng Li, Jiangxing Wu, Xiaozhuo Gu,
ICC 2008
Design and Buffer Sizing of TCAM-Based Pipelined Forwarding Engines,
Yufeng Li, Han Qiu, Xiaozhuo Gu, Julong Lan, Jianwen Yang,
AINA 2007
Implementing Priority Scheduling in a Combined Input-Crosspoint-Output Queued Switch,
Peng Yi, Han Qiu, Binqiang Wang,
AINA 2006
Analysis of the Centralized Algorithm and the Distributed Algorithm for Parallel Packet Switch,
Yufeng Li, Han Qiu, Julong Lan, Jianwen Yang,
PDCAT 2006

Journal articles

HAPE - A programmable big knowledge graph platform,
Ruqian Lu, Chaoqun Fei, Chuanqing Wang, Shunfeng Gao, Han Qiu, Songmao Zhang, Cungen Cao,
Inf. Sci. 2020
An efficient key distribution system for data fusion in V2X heterogeneous networks,
Han Qiu, Meikang Qiu, Zhihui Lu, Gérard Memmi,
Information Fusion 2019
All-Or-Nothing data protection for ubiquitous communication - Challenges and perspectives,
Han Qiu, Katarzyna Kapusta, Zhihui Lu, Meikang Qiu, Gérard Memmi,
Inf. Sci. 2019
SM-RC - A New Security Measurement Method for Inter-Domain Routing System,
Ziyi Zeng, Junhu Zhu, Han Qiu, Tianyang Zhou,
IEEE Access 2019
DC coefficient recovery for JPEG images in ubiquitous communication systems,
Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi, Xuan Chen, Jian Xiong,
Future Generation Comp. Syst. 2019
Integrating Temporal Information Into Knowledge Tracing - A Temporal Difference Approach,
Junhu Zhu, Yichao Zang, Han Qiu, Tianyang Zhou,
IEEE Access 2018
Research Notes - Distributed Shadow for Router Security Defense,
Yufeng Li, Le Tian, Han Qiu, Chuanhao Zhang,
International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering 2018
LAAEM - A Method to Enhance LDoS Attack,
Heshuai Li, Junhu Zhu, Qingxian Wang, Tianyang Zhou, Han Qiu, Hang Li,
IEEE Communications Letters 2016
Fast Selective Encryption Methods for Bitmap Images,
Han Qiu, Gérard Memmi,
International Journal of Multimedia Data Engineering and Management (IJMDEM) 2015
The new threat to internet - DNP attack with the attacking flows strategizing technology,
Heshuai Li, Junhu Zhu, Han Qiu, Qingxian Wang, Tianyang Zhou, Hang Li,
Int. J. Communication Systems 2015


Privacy-preserving Health Data Sharing for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems,
Han Qiu, Meikang Qiu, Meiqin Liu, Gérard Memmi,
CoRR 2019
A Fine-Grained Facial Expression Database for End-to-End Multi-Pose Facial Expression Recognition,
Wenxuan Wang, Qiang Sun, Tao Chen, Chenjie Cao, Ziqi Zheng, Guoqiang Xu, Han Qiu, Yanwei Fu,
CoRR 2019
TEST - an End-to-End Network Traffic Examination and Identification Framework Based on Spatio-Temporal Features Extraction,
Yi Zeng, Zihao Qi, Wencheng Chen, Yanzhe Huang, Xingxin Zheng, Han Qiu,
CoRR 2019
Learning Correlation Space for Time Series,
Han Qiu, Hoang Thanh Lam, Francesco Fusco, Mathieu Sinn,
CoRR 2018
An Efficient Data Protection Architecture Based on Fragmentation and Encryption,
Han Qiu,
CoRR 2018
Data Protection - Combining Fragmentation, Encryption, and Dispersion, an Intermediary report,
Gérard Memmi, Katarzyna Kapusta, Han Qiu,
CoRR 2015