Gabriele Castellano

Gabriele Castellano
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Regularized Bottleneck with Early Labeling,
Gabriele Castellano, Fabio Pianese , Damiano Carra, Tianzhu Zhang , Giovanni Neglia,
ITC 2022 - 34th International Teletraffic Congress 2022, Shenzhen, China
Learned data structures for per-flow measurements,
Andrea Monterubbiano, Raphael Azorin, Gabriele Castellano, Massimo Gallo, Salvatore Pontarelli,
StudentWorkshop@CoNEXT 2022
Towards Inference Delivery Networks: Distributing Machine Learning with Optimality Guarantees,
Tareq Si Salem, Gabriele Castellano , Giovanni Neglia, Fabio Pianese , Andrea Araldo ,
MedComNet 2021, Ibiza (virtual), Spain
A Distributed Orchestration Algorithm for Edge Computing Resources with Guarantees,
Gabriele Castellano, Flavio Esposito, Fulvio Risso,
A Disaggregated MEC Architecture Enabling Open Services and Novel Business Models,
Gabriele Castellano, Antonio Manzalini, Fulvio Risso,
NetSoft 2019
Fog Computing Over Challenged Networks: A Real Case Evaluation,
Gabriele Castellano, Fulvio Risso, Riccardo Loti,
CloudNet 2018
A Unifying Orchestration Operating Platform for 5G,
Antonio Manzalini, Marco Di Girolamo, Giuseppe Celozzi, Fulvio Bruno, Giuliana Carullo, Marco Tambasco, Gino Carrozzo, Fulvio Risso, Gabriele Castellano,
GPC 2017
End-to-end service orchestration across SDN and cloud computing domains,
Roberto Bonafiglia, Gabriele Castellano, Ivano Cerrato, Fulvio Risso,
NetSoft 2017
Mimicking a compute domain orchestrator with the ONOS SDN controller,
Gabriele Castellano, Ivano Cerrato, Fulvio Risso, Davide Pezzolla, Antonio Manzalini,
NetSoft 2017
Defining a Generic OR-VNFM Interface for Configuring Network Functions,
Davide Pezzolla, Ivano Cerrato, Fulvio Risso, Gabriele Castellano,
EWSDN 2016

Journal articles

System Log Parsing: A Survey,
Tianzhu Zhang , Han Qiu, Gabriele Castellano, Myriana Rifai, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen , Fabio Pianese ,
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 2023
A model-based abstraction layer for heterogeneous SDN applications,
Gabriele Castellano, Ivano Cerrato, Molka Gharbaoui, Silvia Fichera, Barbara Martini, Fulvio Risso, Piero Castoldi,
Int. J. Commun. Syst. 2019
A Service-Defined Approach for Orchestration of Heterogeneous Applications in Cloud/Edge Platforms,
Gabriele Castellano, Flavio Esposito, Fulvio Risso,
IEEE Trans. Netw. Serv. Manag. 2019


Scheduling Inference Workloads on Distributed Edge Clusters with Reinforcement Learning,
Gabriele Castellano, Juan Jose Nieto, Jordi Luque, Ferran Diego, Carlos Segura, Diego Perino, Flavio Esposito, Fulvio Risso, Aravindh Raman,
CoRR 2023
A Distributed Architecture for Edge Service Orchestration with Guarantees,
Gabriele Castellano, Flavio Esposito, Fulvio Risso,
CoRR 2018