Artificial Intelligence

  • Structuration of Knowledge 
    •  Clustering
    •  Embedding
    •  Similarity of Data
    •  Knowledge Trees and Graphs
  • Fundamentals of Learning 
    •  Possibilities and Limitations of ML
    •  Information-Theoretic Foundations of Learning
    •  Dynamic Active Learning
    •  Transfer Learning
    •  Online learning
    •  Decentralized Learning
    • Robustness and security of learning algorithms
  • Applications of Learning 
    •  Network design (e.g. routing, load sharing, )
    • Allocations of Network Resources
    • AI-assisted evaluation of network performance
    • Space-Time Analysis of Alarm Logs
    •  Real-Time Analysis
    • Localization
    • Content recommendation
    •  Personalized medicine
    •  Smart grids
    •  Natural Language Programming

List of LINCS members active on at least 1 of these topics, in alphabetic order

Photo Fullname Institution Office Homepage
Thomas Bonald  Institut Mines-Telecom 51 ?
Anne Bouillard  Nokia Bell Labs 31 ?
Elie de Panafieu  Nokia Bell Labs 42 ?
François Durand Nokia Bell Labs42
Philippe Jacquet Nokia Bell Labs42?
Leonardo Linguaglossa Institut Mines-Telecom23
Laurent Massoulié Inria30?
Dimitrios Milioris Nokia Bell Labs36?
Alexandre Proutière Inria30
Mauro Sozio Institut Mines-Telecom?
Other colleagues have activities related with IA, but not as a main topic.