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Yuchia Tseng
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Re-Think Monitoring Services for 5G Network: Challenges and Perspectives,
Yuchia Tseng, Gopalasingham Aravinthan, Bela Berde, Sofiane Imadali, Drissa Houatra , Han Qiu ,
CSCloud/EdgeCom 2019
Demo Abstract: Monitoring Virtualized Telco Services for Multisided Platforms with SQL-like Query,
Yuchia Tseng, Sofiane Imadali, Drissa Houatra , Gopalasingham Aravinthan, Laurent Thomas,
INFOCOM Workshops 2019
SENAD: Securing Network Application Deployment in Software Defined Networks,
Yuchia Tseng, Farid Nait Abdesselam, Ashfaq Khokhar,
ICC 2018
Monitoring 5G radio access networks with cloud-based stream processing platforms,
Drissa Houatra , Yuchia Tseng,
ICIN 2018
SPaaS-NFV: Enabling Stream-Processing-as-a-Service for NFV,
Yuchia Tseng, Gopalasingham Aravinthan, Sofiane Imadali, Drissa Houatra , Bruno Mongazon Cazavet,
SC² 2018
A First Step Towards Security Extension for NFV Orchestrator,
Montida Pattaranantakul, Yuchia Tseng , Ruan He, Zonghua Zhang, Ahmed Meddahi,
Controller DAC: Securing SDN controller with dynamic access control,
Yuchia Tseng , Montida Pattaranantakul, Ruan He, Zonghua Zhang, Farid Nait Abdesselam,
ICC 2017
SRV: Switch-based rules verification in software defined networking,
Yuchia Tseng, Zonghua Zhang, Farid Nait Abdesselam,
NetSoft 2016
ControllerSEPA: A Security-Enhancing SDN Controller Plug-in for OpenFlow Applications,
Yuchia Tseng, Zonghua Zhang, Farid Nait Abdesselam,
PDCAT 2016

Journal article

A comprehensive 3-dimensional security analysis of a controller in software-defined networking,
Yuchia Tseng, Farid Nait Abdesselam, Ashfaq Khokhar,
Secur. Priv. 2018