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Daniel Kofman
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Real-time enforcement of local energy market transactions respecting distribution grid constraints,
Jose Horta , Eitan Altman , Mathieu Caujolle, Daniel Kofman , David Menga,
CoRR 2019, Aalborg, Denmark
Strategy-proof local energy market with sequential stochastic decision process for battery control,
Diego Kiedanski , Daniel Kofman , Jose Horta , David Menga,
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Augmenting DER hosting capacity of distribution grids through local energy markets and dynamic phase switching,
Jose Horta , Daniel Kofman , David Menga, Mathieu Caujolle,
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Novel paradigms for advanced distribution grid energy management,
Jose Horta , Daniel Kofman , David Menga,
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Semi-Distributed Demand Response Solutions for Smart Homes,
Rim Kaddah, Daniel Kofman , Fabien Mathieu , Michal Pióro,
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Novel market approach for locally balancing renewable energy production and flexible demand,
Jose Horta , Daniel Kofman , David Menga, Alonso Silva ,
SmartGridComm 2017
Optimal Relay Configuration for Power Line Communication Networks,
Izhak Rubin, Yu-Yu Lin, Daniel Kofman ,
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Adaptation of topology-based routing protocols for data gathering applications in VANETs,
Diego Pacheco-Paramo , Luigi Iannone, Daniel Kofman , Aline Carneiro Viana , Grégory Mermoud, Jean-Philippe Vasseur,
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Advanced Demand Response Solutions for Capacity Markets,
Rim Kaddah , Daniel Kofman , Fabien Mathieu , Michal Pioro,
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A Smart Parking Lot Management System for Scheduling the Recharging of Electric Vehicles,
Sukru Kuran, Aline Carneiro Viana , Luigi Iannone, Daniel Kofman , Grégory Mermoud, Jean-Philippe Vasseur,
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 2015
Efficient semantic-based IoT service discovery mechanism for dynamic environments,
Sameh Ben-Fredj , Mathieu Boussard, Daniel Kofman , Ludovic Noirie ,
PIMRC 2014, washington, United States
Smart cities recharged - Improving electrical vehicles recharging by routine-aware scheduling,
Sukru Kuran, Aline Carneiro Viana , Luigi Iannone, Daniel Kofman , Grégory Mermoud, Jean-Philippe Vasseur,
WiMob 2014, Larnaca, Cyprus
Relay-aided networking for power line communications,
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ITA 2014, San Diego,CA, United States
Improving content delivery through coalitions,
Ghida Ibrahim , Daniel Kofman ,
IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium 2014
Advanced demand response solutions based on fine-grained load control,
Rim Kaddah , Daniel Kofman , Michal Pioro,
IEEE IWIES 2014 2014
Federating Distributed, Heterogeneous Content Distribution Actors,
Ghida Ibrahim , Daniel Kofman ,
3rd ETSI Future Networks Workshop 2013, Sophia Antipolis, France
A Scalable IoT Service Search Based on Clustering and Aggregation,
Sameh Ben-Fredj , Mathieu Boussard, Daniel Kofman , Ludovic Noirie ,
GreenCom/iThings/CPScom 2013, Beijing, China
Toward a new Telco role in future content distribution services,
Ghida Ibrahim , Youssef Chadli, Daniel Kofman , Alexandra Ansiaux,
ICIN '12 : 16th International Conference on Intelligence in Next Generation Networks 2012
Proceedings of the 8th Euro-NF Conference on Next Generation Internet NGI 2012, Karlskrona, Sweden, June 25-27, 2012,
Markus Fiedler, Daniel Kofman ,
NGI 2012
ETICS: QoS-enabled interconnection for Future Internet services,
Nicolas Le Sauze, Agostino Chiosi, Richard Douville, Hélia Pouyllau, Häkon Lonsethagen, Paola Fantini, Claudio Palasciano, Antonio Cimmino, Maria Angeles Callejo Rodriguez, Olivier Dugeon, Daniel Kofman, Xavier Gadefait, Philippe Cuer, Nicola Ciulli, Gino Carrozzo, Andrea Soppera, Bob Briscoe, Falk Bornstaedt, Marina Andreou, George Stamoulis, Costas Courcoubetis, Peter Reichl, Ivan Gojmerac, Jean Louis Rougier, Sandrine Vaton, Dominique Barth, Ariel Orda,
Future Network and Mobile Summit 2010, Florence, Italy
Discriminatory processor sharing queues with stationary ergodic service times and the performance of TCP in overload,
Eitan Altman, Tania Jiménez, Daniel Kofman,
Computer Networks 2010
Novel MAP Selection Scheme Using Location History in Hierarchical MIPv6 Networks,
Lusheng Wang, Brahim Gaabab, David Binet, Daniel Kofman,
WCNC 2008
Optimal Virtual Topology Design using Bus-Label Switched Paths,
Yannick Brehon, Daniel Kofman, Michal Pióro, Madiagne Diallo,
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 2007
A new service overlays dimensioning approach based on stochastic geometry,
Anthony Busson, Daniel Kofman, Jean-Louis Rougier,
Perform. Eval. 2007
A Stochastic Geometry Analysis of Dense IEEE 802.11 Networks,
Huu Quynh Nguyen, François Baccelli, Daniel Kofman,
Virtual Private Network to Spanning Tree Mapping,
Yannick Brehon, Daniel Kofman, Augusto Casaca,
Networking 2007
Bus-Label Switched Paths, an approach to reduce the cost of multilayer networks,
Yannick Brehon, Daniel Kofman,
ICC 2006
The weighted proportional fair scheduler,
Kinda Khawam, Daniel Kofman, Eitan Altman,
Opportunistic Weighted Fair Queueing,
Kinda Khawam, Daniel Kofman,
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Performance modelling and evaluation of heterogeneous networks,
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Design of Surveillance Sensor Grids with a Lifetime Constraint,
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Bounds for performance measures of token rings,
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