Diego Pacheco-Paramo

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Reinforcement Learning-Based ACB in LTE-A Networks for Handling Massive M2M and H2H Communications,
Luis Tello-Oquendo, Diego Pacheco-Paramo, Vicent Pla, Jorge Martínez-Bauset,
ICC 2018
Adaptation of topology-based routing protocols for data gathering applications in VANETs,
Diego Pacheco-Paramo , Luigi Iannone, Daniel Kofman , Aline Carneiro Viana , Grégory Mermoud, Jean-Philippe Vasseur,
VNC 2015, Kyoto, Japan
A model of resource management in small cells with dynamic traffic and backhaul constraints,
Elena Bernal-Mor, Vicent Pla, Jorge Martínez-Bauset, Diego Pacheco-Paramo,
EW 2013
First Iteration Policies for Admission Control in Multiaccess Networks,
Diego Pacheco-Paramo, Jorge Martínez-Bauset, Vicent Pla, Elena Bernal-Mor,
EW 2013
Combined contention and TDMA-based communication in wireless sensor networks,
Vicente Casares Giner, Patrick Wüchner, Diego Pacheco-Paramo, Hermann de Meer,
NGI 2012
Optimal Joint Call Admission Control with Vertical Handoff on Heterogeneous Networks,
Diego Pacheco-Paramo, Vicent Pla, Vicente Casares Giner, Jorge Martínez-Bauset,
Networking 2011, Valencia, Spain
Optimal admission control in cognitive radio networks,
Diego Pacheco-Paramo, Vicent Pla, Jorge Martínez-Bauset,
CrownCom 2009

Journal articles

Deep reinforcement learning mechanism for dynamic access control in wireless networks handling mMTC,
Diego Pacheco-Paramo, Luis Tello-Oquendo, Vicent Pla, Jorge Martínez-Bauset,
Ad Hoc Networks 2019
Local Anchor Based Location Management Schemes for Small Cells in HetNets,
Diego Pacheco-Paramo, Ian F. Akyildiz, Vicente Casares Giner,
IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput. 2016
Optimal radio access technology selection on heterogeneous networks,
Diego Pacheco-Paramo, Vicent Pla, Vicente Casares Giner, Jorge Martínez-Bauset,
Physical Communication 2012
Admission Control and Interference Management in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks,
Jorge Martínez-Bauset, Vicent Pla, Maria José Doménech-Benlloch, Diego Pacheco-Paramo,
EURASIP J. Wireless Comm. and Networking 2010
Comments on "analysis of cognitive radio spectrum access with optimal channel reservation",
Jorge Martínez-Bauset, Vicent Pla, Diego Pacheco-Paramo,
IEEE Communications Letters 2009