Thomas Bourgeau

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 UPMC Sorbonne Université None None Former PhD students


PrIoT - Prototyping the Internet of Things,
Nahit Pawar, Thomas Bourgeau, Hakima Chaouchi,
FiCloud 2018, Barcelone, Spain
Soft frequency reuse schemes for heterogeneous LTE systems,
Giovanni Giambene, Van Anh Le, Thomas Bourgeau, Hakima Chaouchi ,
ICC 2015, Londres, United Kingdom
Efficient IP-Level Network Topology Capture,
Thomas Bourgeau , Timur Friedman ,
PAM 2013, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Toward fast and efficient IP-level network topology capture,
Thomas Bourgeau , Timur Friedman ,
StudentWorkshop@CoNEXT 2012, Nice, France
Monitoring network topology dynamism of large-scale traceroute-based measurements,
Thomas Bourgeau,
CNSM 2011, Paris, France
TopHat - Supporting Experiments through Measurement Infrastructure Federation,
Thomas Bourgeau, Jordan Augé, Timur Friedman,
TRIDENTCOM 2010, Berlin, Germany

Journal articles

Internet of Things: building the new digital society,
Hakima Chaouchi, Thomas Bourgeau,
IoT 2018
Iterative Multi-Level Soft Frequency Reuse With Load Balancing for Heterogeneous LTE-A Systems,
Giovanni Giambene, Van Anh Le, Thomas Bourgeau, Hakima Chaouchi,
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 2017
Extended Privacy in Crowdsourced Location-Based Services Using Mobile Cloud Computing,
Jacques Bou Abdo, Thomas Bourgeau, Jacques Demerjian, Hakima Chaouchi,
Mobile Information Systems 2016
Technologies CPL Indoor,
Xavier Carcelle, Thomas Bourgeau,
Techniques de l'Ingenieur 2010
Technologies CPL (Courants Porteurs en Ligne),
Xavier Carcelle, Thomas Bourgeau,
Techniques de l'Ingenieur 2010


True link detection in the presence of per packet load balancers,
Thomas Bourgeau, Timur Friedman,
11e Rencontres Francophones sur les aspects Algorithmiques des Télécommunications (ALGOTEL) 2009, Carry-Le-Rouet, France


Machine-to-machine communications,
Thomas Bourgeau , Hakima Chaouchi, Pinar Kirci,
Internet of things : from real to virtual world,
Hakima Chaouchi, Thomas Bourgeau , Pinar Kirci,
Power Line Communication Technology Overview,
Xavier Carcelle, Thomas Bourgeau,