James Roberts

James Roberts
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Traffic Management,
Gunnar Karlsson, James Roberts, Ioannis Stavrakakis, Antonio Alves, Stefano Avallone, Fernando Boavida, Salvatore Dantonio, Marcello Esposito, Viktória Fodor, Mauro Gargiulo, Jarmo Harju, Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Fengyi Li, Ian Marsh, Ignacio Mas Ivars, Dmitri Moltchanov, Edmundo Monteiro, Antonis Panagakis, Antonio Pescape, Goncalo Quadros, Simon Pietro Romano, Giorgio Ventre,
QofIS Final Report 2003
Pricing and QoS,
Burkhard Stiller, Pere Barlet Ros, John Cushnie, Jordi Domingo Pascual, David Hutchison, Rui Lopes, Andreas Mauthe, Mihai Popa, James Roberts, Josep Sole Pareta, Denis Trcek, Carlos Veciana Nogues,
QofIS Final Report 2003


Accelerating Deep Learning Classification with Error-controlled Approximate-key Caching,
Alessandro Finamore, James Roberts, Massimo Gallo, Dario Rossi,
Comparing the performance of state-of-the-art software switches for NFV,
Tianzhu Zhang , Leonardo Linguaglossa , Massimo Gallo , Paolo Giaccone, Luigi Iannone , James Roberts ,
CoNEXT 2019, Orlando, United States
A benchmarking methodology for evaluating software switch performance for NFV,
Tianzhu Zhang , Leonardo Linguaglossa , James Roberts , Luigi Iannone , Massimo Gallo , Paolo Giaccone,
NetSoft 2019, Paris, France
Poster: Impact of traffic characteristics on request aggregation in an NDN router,
Mahdieh Ahmadi , James Roberts , Emilio Leonardi, Ali Movaghar,
Networking 2019
Controlling Software Router Resource Sharing by Fair Packet Dropping,
Vamsi Addanki V L S S, Leonardo Linguaglossa , James Roberts , Dario Rossi ,
Networking 2018, Zurich, Switzerland
Fair dropping for multi-resource fairness in software routers Extended Abstract,
Vamsi Addanki V L S S, Leonardo Linguaglossa , James Roberts , Dario Rossi ,
SIGCOMM Posters and Demos 2018, Budapest, Hungary
Per-Flow Fairness in the Datacenter Network,
Yixi Gong, James Roberts , Dario Rossi ,
HPSR 2018
Software enabled pseudo-random pattern generator,
James Roberts , Alaeddin Abuabed,
I2MTC 2018
Convergence to multi-resource fairness under end-to-end window control,
Thomas Bonald , James Roberts , Christian Vitale,
INFOCOM 2017, Atlanta, United States
Performance and Cost Effectiveness of Caching in Mobile Access Networks,
Salah Eddine Elayoubi , James Roberts ,
ICN 2015, San Francisco, United States
Performance Evaluation of Video Transcoding and Caching Solutions in Mobile Networks,
Salah Eddine Elayoubi , James Roberts ,
ITC 2015, Gand, Belgium
Multi-Resource Fairness: Objectives, Algorithms and Performance,
Thomas Bonald , James Roberts ,
SIGMETRICS 2015, Portland, United States
A passive optical pod interconnect for high performance data centers,
Raluca-Maria Indre, Jelena Pesic, James Roberts ,
ONDM 2014 - International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling 2014, Stockholm, Sweden
POPI: A Passive Optical Pod Interconnect for high performance data centers,
Raluca Indre, Jelena Pesic, James Roberts ,
ONDM 2014, stokholm, Sweden
Sharing Cloud Computing Resources,
Thomas Bonald , James Roberts ,
ALGOTEL 2014 -- 16èmes Rencontres Francophones sur les Aspects Algorithmiques des Télécommunications 2014, Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré, France
Exploring the memory-bandwidth tradeoff in an information-centric network,
James Roberts , Nada Sbihi,
ITC 2013, Shanghai, China
Flow-aware traffic control for a content-centric network,
Sara Oueslati, James Roberts, Nada Sbihi,
INFOCOM 2012, Orlando, United States
Getting routers out of the core: Building an optical wide area network with "multipaths,
Davide Cuda , Raluca Indre , Esther Le Rouzic, James Roberts,
ONDM 2012 - 16th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling 2012, Colchester, United Kingdom
Dynamic bandwidth allocation for all-optical wide-area networks,
Davide Cuda , Raluca Indre , Esther Le Rouzic, James Roberts,
AlgoTel 2012 : 14èmes Rencontres Francophones sur les Aspects Algorithmiques des Télécommunications 2012, La Grande Motte, France
A versatile and accurate approximation for LRU cache performance,
Christine Fricker, Philippe Robert, James Roberts,
ITC 2012, Krakow, Poland
Impact of traffic mix on caching performance in a content-centric network,
Christine Fricker, Philippe Robert, James Roberts, Nada Sbihi,
INFOCOM Workshops 2012, Orlando, United States
Indoor navigation with a swarm of flying robots,
Timothy Stirling, James Roberts, Jean Christophe Zufferey, Dario Floreano,
ICRA 2012
Getting routers out of the core: Building an all-optical network with "multipaths",
Davide Cuda , Raluca Indre , Esther Le Rouzic, James Roberts,
ONDM 2012
Measurement-based admission control for flow-aware implicit service differentiation,
Jordan Augé, Sara Oueslati, James Roberts,
ITC 2011, San Francisco, United States
A flow-aware MAC protocol for a passive optical metropolitan area network,
Philippe Robert, James Roberts,
ITC 2011
Traffic capacity of large WDM passive optical networks,
Nelson Antunes, Christine Fricker, Philippe Robert, James Roberts,
ITC 2010
GATE-Driven Dynamic Wavelength and Bandwidth Allocation for WDM EPONs,
Nelson Antunes, Christine Fricker, Philippe Robert, James Roberts,
Enhanced Spatial Reuse in Multi-Cell WLANs,
Thomas Bonald, Ali Ibrahim, James Roberts,
INFOCOM 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The impact of association on the capacity of WLANs,
Thomas Bonald, Ali Ibrahim, James Roberts,
WiOpt 2009, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Swing: Traffic capacity of a simple WDM ring network,
Thomas Bonald, Sara Oueslati, James Roberts, Charlotte Roger,
ITC 2009, Paris, France
2.5D infrared range and bearing system for collective robotics,
James Roberts, Timothy Stirling, Jean Christophe Zufferey, Dario Floreano,
IROS 2009
A Single Channel Signalling Mechanism for Power/Rate Control in WLANs,
Ali Ibrahim, Luca Muscariello, James Roberts,
NGI 2009
A traffic-oriented approach for channel assignment in WLAN,
Ali Ibrahim, James Roberts,
ITC 2009
Traffic capacity of multi-cell WLANS,
Thomas Bonald, Ali Ibrahim, James Roberts,
SIGMETRICS 2008, Annapolis, United States
Energy management for indoor hovering robots,
James Roberts, Jean Christophe Zufferey, Dario Floreano,
IROS 2008
A Statistical Bandwidth Sharing Perspective on Buffer Sizing,
Jordan Augé, James Roberts,
20th International Teletraffic Congress 2007, Ottawa, Canada
Modeling IEEE 802.11 in Mesh Networks,
Ali Ibrahim, James Roberts,
ITC 2007
Buffer sizing for elastic traffic,
Jordan Augé, James Roberts,
NGI2006, 2nd Conference on Next Generation Internet Design and Engineering 2006, Valencia, Spain
Comparing Flow-Aware and Flow-Oblivious Adaptive Routing,
Sara Oueslati, James Roberts,
CISS 2006
Minimizing the overhead in implementing flow-aware networking,
Abdesselem Kortebi, Luca Muscariello, Sara Oueslati, James Roberts,
ANCS 2005
Evaluating the voice capacity of 802.11 WLAN under distributed control,
Nidhi Hegde, Alexandre Proutière, James Roberts,
Evaluating the number of active flows in a scheduler realizing fair statistical bandwidth sharing,
Abdesselem Kortebi, Luca Muscariello, Sara Oueslati, James Roberts,
PatchMaker: A Physical Network Patch Manager Tool,
Joseph Crouthamel, James Roberts, Christopher Sanchez, Christopher Tengi,
LISA 2004
autoMAC: A Tool for Automating Network Moves, Adds, and Changes,
Christopher Tengi, James Roberts, Joseph Crouthamel, Chris Miller, Christopher Sanchez,
LISA 2004
Dimensioning high speed IP access networks,
Thomas Bonald, Philippe Olivier, James Roberts,
ITC 2003, Berlin, Germany
Computational aspects of balanced fairness,
Thomas Bonald, Alexandre Proutière, James Roberts, Jorma Virtamo,
ITC18 18th International Teletraffic Congress 2003, Berlin, Germany
Eclipse help system: an open source user assistance offering,
Kari Halsted, James Roberts,
Statistical bandwidth sharing: a study of congestion at flow level,
Slim Ben Fredj, Thomas Bonald, Alexandre Proutière, Regnie, James Roberts,
SIGCOMM 2001, San Diego, United States
Statistical performance guarantees for streaming flows using expedited forwarding,
Thomas Bonald, Alexandre Proutière, James Roberts,
Infocom 2001, Anchorage, United States
Best-effort Networks: Modeling and Performance Analysis via Large Networks Asymptotics,
Guy Fayolle, Arnaud De La Fortelle, Jean Marc Lasgouttes, Laurent Massoulié, James Roberts,
INFOCOM 2001, Anchorage, United States
Statistical Guarantees for Streaming Flows Using Expedited Forwarding,
Thomas Bonald, Alexandre Proutière, James Roberts,
Integrated Admission Control for Streaming and Elastic Traffic,
Nabil Benameur, Slim Ben Fredj, Frank Delcoigne, Sara Oueslati Boulahia, James Roberts,
QofIS 2001
Performance modeling of elastic traffic in overload,
Thomas Bonald, James Roberts,
SIGMETRICS/Performance 2001
Defect detection in web inspection using fuzzy fusion of texture features,
Hossain Hajimowlana, Roberto Muscedere, Graham Jullien, James Roberts,
ISCAS 2000
Impact of "Trunk Reservation" on Elastic Flow Routing,
Sara Oueslati Boulahia, James Roberts,
Burstiness Bounds Based Muliplexing Schemes for VBR Video Connections in the B-ISDN,
Maher Hamdi, James Roberts,
International Zurich Seminar on Digital Communications 1996
QoS Guarantees for Shaped Bit Rate Video Connections in Broadband Networks,
Maher Hamdi, James Roberts,
MMNET 1995
A Traffic Control Framework for High Speed Data Transmission,
James Roberts, Brahim Bensaou, Canetti,
Modelling and Evaluation of ATM Networks 1993
An adaptive policy driven scheduler,
Joseph Sharp, James Roberts,

Journal articles

Size-based scheduling vs fairness for datacenter flows: a queuing perspective,
James Roberts, Dario Rossi,
SIGMETRICS Perform. Evaluation Rev. 2022
Quantifying Nitrous Acid Formation Mechanisms Using Measured Vertical Profiles During the CalNex 2010 Campaign and 1D Column Modeling,
Katie Tuite, Jennie L Thomas, Patrick Veres, James Roberts, Philip Stevens, Stephen Griffith, Sebastien Dusanter, James Flynn, Shaddy Ahmed, Louisa Emmons, Si‐Wan Kim, Rebecca Washenfelder, Cora Young, Catalina Tsai, Olga Pikelnaya, Jochen Stutz,
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 2021
Adaptation of Fluctuating Magnetoacoustic System to External Signals,
Vladimir Safonov, Derek Bas, Diana Berman, Yuri Rostovtsev, James Roberts, Michael Mcconney, Michael Page,
IEEE Access 2021
Performance benchmarking of state-of-the-art software switches for NFV,
Tianzhu Zhang , Leonardo Linguaglossa , Paolo Giaccone, Luigi Iannone, James Roberts,
Comput. Networks 2021
HPV Vaccination Champions: Evaluating a Technology-Mediated Intervention for Parents,
Beth Sundstrom, Kathleen Cartmell, Ashley White, Nicole Russo, Henry Well, Jennifer Young Pierce, Heather Brandt, James Roberts, Marvella Ford,
Frontiers Digit. Health 2021
The Morphometry of Impact Craters on Bennu,
R.T. Daly, E. Bierhaus, Olivier Barnouin, Mike Daly, J. Seabrook, James Roberts, Carolyn Ernst, Mark E. Perry, Nair H, R.C. Esperitu, E. Palmer, P. Gaskell, J. Weirich, H. Susorney, C.L. L Johnson, K.J. Walsh, M C Nolan, E. Jawin, Patrick Michel, D. Trang, D.S Lauretta,
Geophysical Research Letters 2020
Cache Subsidies for an Optimal Memory for Bandwidth Tradeoff in the Access Network,
Mahdieh Ahmadi, James Roberts, Emilio Leonardi, Ali Movaghar,
IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun. 2020
On the effectiveness of the PIT in reducing upstream demand in an NDN router,
Mahdieh Ahmadi, James Roberts, Emilio Leonardi, Ali Movaghar,
Perform. Evaluation 2020
25th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS-2016,
Tatyana Sharpee, Alain Destexhe, Mitsuo Kawato, Vladislav Sekulić, Frances Skinner, Daniel Wójcik, Chaitanya Chintaluri, Dorottya Cserpán, Zoltán Somogyvári, Jae Kyoung Kim, Zachary Kilpatrick, Matthew Bennett, Kresimir Josić, Irene Elices, David Arroyo, Rafael Levi, Francisco Rodriguez, Pablo Varona, Eunjin Hwang, Bowon Kim, Hio-Been Han, Tae Kim, James Mckenna, Ritchie Brown, Robert Mccarley, Jee Hyun Choi, James Rankin, Pamela Osborn Popp, John Rinzel, Alejandro Tabas, André Rupp, Emili Balaguer-Ballester, Matias Maturana, David Grayden, Shaun Cloherty, Tatiana Kameneva, Michael Ibbotson, Hamish Meffin, Veronika Koren, Timm Lochmann, Valentin Dragoi, Klaus Obermayer, Maria Psarrou, Maria Schilstra, Neil Davey, Benjamin Torben-Nielsen, Volker Steuber, Huiwen Ju, Jiao Yu, Michael Hines, Liang Chen, Yuguo Yu, Jimin Kim, Will Leahy, Eli Shlizerman, Justas Birgiolas, Richard Gerkin, Sharon Crook, Atthaphon Viriyopase, Raoul-Martin Memmesheimer, Stan Gielen, Yuri Dabaghian, Justin Devito, Luca Perotti, Anmo Kim, Lisa Fenk, Cheng Cheng, Gaby Maimon, Chang Zhao, Yves Widmer, Simon Sprecher, Walter Senn, Geir Halnes, Tuomo Mäki-Marttunen, Daniel Keller, Klas Pettersen, Ole Andreassen, Gaute Einevoll, Yasunori Yamada, Moira Steyn-Ross, D. 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