Yixi Gong

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Books And Theses

The quest for low-latency at both network edges : design, analysis, simulation and experiments La quête de latence faible sur les deux bords du réseau : conception, analyse, simulation et expériences,
Yixi Gong,


Per-Flow Fairness in the Datacenter Network,
Yixi Gong, James Roberts , Dario Rossi ,
HPSR 2018
Modeling the interdependency of low-priority congestion control and active queue management,
Yixi Gong , Dario Rossi , Emilio Leonardi,
International Teletraffic Congress 2013, Shanghai, China
Interaction or interference - can AQM and low priority congestion control successfully collaborate?,
Yixi Gong , Dario Rossi , Claudio Testa , Silvio Valenti, Dave Taht,
StudentWorkshop@CoNEXT 2012, Nice, France

Journal articles

A Control-Theoretic Analysis of Low-Priority Congestion Control Reprioritization under AQM,
Luca De Cicco , Yixi Gong, Dario Rossi , Emilio Leonardi,
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems 2016
Fighting the bufferbloat: on the coexistence of AQM and low priority congestion control (extended version),
Yixi Gong , Dario Rossi, Claudio Testa, S. Valenti, Dave Taht,
Computer Networks 2014
Fighting the bufferbloat - On the coexistence of AQM and low priority congestion control,
Yixi Gong , Dario Rossi , Claudio Testa, Silvio Valenti, Dave Taht,
Comput. Networks 2014, Turin, Italy