Chandramani Singh

Institution Inria
GroupFormer members of the LINCS


An End to End Tactile Cyber Physical System Design,
Arjun N, Ashwin S. M, Kurian Polachan, Prabhakar T. Venkata, Chandramani Singh,
EITEC@CPSWeek 2018, 9-16
Lightweight max weight scheduling algorithms for wireless networks,
K. Haritha, Chandramani Singh,
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Stability properties of delay tolerant networks with buffered relay nodes,
Vineeth Bala Sukumaran, Chandramani Singh,
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Sarath Yasodharan, Vineeth Bala Sukumaran, Chandramani Singh,
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R. Divya, Amar Prakash Azad, Chandramani Singh,
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Analysis of a proportionally fair and locally adaptive Spatial Aloha in Poisson Networks,
François Baccelli , Bartlomiej Blaszczyszyn, Chandramani Singh,
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Random Block-Coordinate Gradient Projection Algorithms,
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Distributed Downlink Resource Allocation in Cellular Networks through Spatial Adaptive Play,
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ITC25 : the 25th International Teletraffic Congress 2013, Shanghai, China
Adaptive spatial aloha, fairness and stochastic geometry,
François Baccelli , Chandramani Singh ,
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Delay and Energy Optimal Two-Hop Relaying in Delay Tolerant Networks,
Chandramani Singh, Anurag Kumar, Rajesh Sundaresan,
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Journal articles

A Game Theoretic Distributed Algorithm for FeICIC Optimization in LTE-A HetNets,
Ye Liu, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen , Chi Wan Sung, Chandramani Singh,
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 2017
Challenges in Haptic Communications Over the Tactile Internet,
Daniel van den Berg, Rebecca Glans, Dorian De Koning, Fernando A. Kuipers, Jochem Lugtenburg, Kurian Polachan, Prabhakar T. Venkata, Chandramani Singh, Belma Turkovic, Bryan Van Wijk,
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Optimal forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks with Multiple Destinations,
Chandramani Singh , Eitan Altman, Anurag Kumar, Rajesh Sundaresan,
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Modelling the hydromechanical response in the vicinity of the Koyna reservoir (India): results for the initial filling period,
Pierre Gavrilenko, Chandramani Singh, R. Chadha,
Geophysical Journal International 2010
Supercooling studies in n-p-cyano-p-heptyl biphenyl using positron, lifetime spectroscopy,
Chandramani Singh, P. Jain,
Journal de Physique IV Colloque 1993


Accelerated Randomized Coordinate Descent Methods for Stochastic Optimization and Online Learning,
Akshita Bhandari, Chandramani Singh,
CoRR 2018