Work with us

You are a researcher in Information, Networks and Communication from one of the five partner institutions (Inria, IMT, Nokia Bell Labs France, Sorbonne Université, SystemX):

Come and meet us during the seminars, network and look for prospective collaborations with our researchers. Once you’ve identified potential collaborations you can apply to the lab by sending a complete resume and a cover letter.

You are a guest from one of our researchers:

Ask your inviting researcher to fill an invitation application for you. You will be ask to provide, in addition to a complete resume, a research collaboration plan to support your application.

You are a student looking for a supervisor:

The LINCS does not fund students, interns or any supervised member. You need to reach out to researchers through their home institution first and if they agree to work with you, you will be able to get a working space at LINCS.

Some internship offers can be found here