BlockChain Day @LINCS

On June 12th, we will host a BlockChain Day, organized by Maria Potop-Butucaru (Sorbonne-Université) and Fabio Pianese (Nokia Bell Labs France)

9:15-9:20Opening (Fabio + Maria)
9:20-10:00Maurice Herlihy (Brown University)Cross-chain Deals and Adversarial Commerce
10:00-10:20Banque de FranceTezos / Research Directions in Banque de France
10:20-10:40CDDStable Coin
10:40-11:00Linux Foundation
11:10-11:20Coffee Break
11:20-11:40Yannick Seurin (ANSSI)Crypto tools for Blockchains
11:40-12:00Petr Kouznetsov (Telecom Paris)The Consensus Number of a Cryptocurrency
12:00-12:20Olivier Tridon (Veolia Nova)Veolia blockchain projects
12:20-12:40Rie Yamaguchi (Tokyo University)Lifestyle Authentication
12:40-13:30Lunch Buffet
13:30-13:50Emmanuelle AnceaumeSycomore
13:50-14:10Fabrice Drouin (ACINQ)Lightning Networks
14:10-14:30Quentin BramasIOTA
14:30-14:50Matthieu Lattapy (Lip6)Analysis of financial transactions with link streams
14:50-15:00Coffee Break
15:00-15:20Philippe Jacquet (Nokia)Green Mining: Toward a less energetical impact of cryptocurrencies
16:00-16:20Eitan Altman (Inria)Game theoretical analysis of competition between miners
16:20-16:40Antonella del Pozzo (ex Sorbonne – CEA)Blockchain abstract data type
16:40-16:50Short Break
Students Session
16:50-17:05Gewu BuG-IOTA & E-IOTA: Improvements of IOTA
17:05-17:20Yackolley Amoussou-GuenouNon cooperative games and BFT-based blockchains
17:20-17:35Marianne BellottiCooperative games for Atomic Crosschain Swaps
17:35-17:50Pierre CivitPolygraph
17:50-18:05Jose HortaBlockchain and Electrical Networks