Journ̩e Claude Shannon Р1/07/2016

Francois Baccelli (University of Texas at Austin, INRIA) and Marc Lelarge (INRIA) in collaboration with the LINCS are happy to host a day dedicated to Claude Shannon.

Please email to register for the day’s talks.

Arriving at the venue:
LINCS (23 avenue d’Italie, 75013).

Metro stop Place d’italie. Lines 5,6,7

Once you arrive at the information desk at the bottom of the building the hostess will direct you to the 4th floor via the elevators on the avenue d’Italie side. The talks will be held in the RENNES conference room at EIT Digital.


8h45-9h15 Breakfast

9h15-9h30 Welcome by LINCS and EIT Digital

9h30-10h30 Florent KRZAKALA, UPMC
Shannon Capacity and Spatially-Coupled Superposition Codes

10h30-11h: Coffee Break

11h-12h: Venkat ANANTHARAM, UC Berkeley
The Boolean Model in the Shannon Regime

12h-13h30: Lunch Break

13h30-14h30: Jean-Pierre TILLICH, INRIA
Attaining the capacity with  Reed-Solomon codes through the $(U|U+V)$
construction and Koetter-Vardy soft decoding.

14h30-15h30 Philippe JACQUET, Nokia
What Shannon would have said about Artificial Intelligence?

15h30-16h00: Coffee Break

16h00-17h00: Stéphane BOUCHERON,  Université Paris-Diderot, ENS-Ulm
(Almost) adaptive coding against finite alphabets. Regularly varying



Shannon Capacity and Spatially-Coupled Superposition Codes

Abstract: Since Shannon’s celebrated 1968 article, the quest for a capacity achieving error correction scheme has guided a large part of coding theory. Recently, it has been shown that a new strategy, Spatially-Coupled Superposition Coding, is capacity acheiving on any memory-less channel while admitting a polynomial iterative decoding. We shall describe this approach, and underline the analogies and difference with low density parity check codes and compressed sensing.

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Data and Security Workshop

Colloque « Données et Sécurité »
Vendredi 25 mars 2016
Lieu : Télécom ParisTech. Amphithéâtre Emeraude. 46 rue Barrault – 75634 Paris cedex 13
Horaires : 9h00 à 17h30

Organisateurs / Responsables Scientifiques :

Daniel Ventre (CNRS, Laboratoire CESDIP (UMR 8183 à CNRS/Univ. Versailles/ Ministère de la Justice), GERN à Groupe Européen de

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LINCS Scientific Workshop 2012

LINCS held its scientific workshop on June 18th and 19th 2012. The agenda of the scientific presentations and discussions is listed below. For the you tube videos of each talk please consult the seminars page.

June 18th

8:45-09:00 Welcome
9:00-09:30: Presentation of the LINCS (Daniel Kofman)

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