Welcome Ayoub!

Ayoub Ben Ameur is a new Ph.D student at Telecom SudParis under the guidance of Tijani Chahed and Andrea Araldo. 

He will be working on resource allocation on the edge among multiple Service Providers:
5G is pushing toward “intelligent networks”, which are not only able to transfer flows of data but also to serve computational needs. Edge Computing (EC) consists in deploying such capabilities into nodes at the network edge (base stations, access points, central offices), to reduce latency and upstream traffic. Most related work assumes a single service running at the edge. One of the points of novelty of this thesis is that we consider instead EC as a multi-tenant environment: a Network Operator (NO) owns edge resources, virtualizes them and lets third party Service Providers (SPs – or tenants) distribute part of their applications in the edge. SPs with heterogeneous requirements coexist in the edge, ranging from Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) for controlling cars or robots, to massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) for Internet of Things (IoT) requiring a massive number of connected devices, to media services (video streaming, augmented or virtual reality,..), whose quality of experience is impacted by the available resources.
The goal of the PhD is to design novel data-driven strategies to allocate edge resources among multiple Service Providers (SPs). The aim is to optimize Network Operator (NO) objectives, e.g., cost reduction, better quality perceived by end users, in terms of latency, reliability or throughput (depending on the service). Such strategies must be able to adapt to the highly dynamic Edge Computing (EC) load and network conditions.