Three Invited Professors in March

Three Invited Professors are with us this month:

Professor Panos Chrysanthis from Pittsburg University came on the invitation of Vassilis Christophides. Professor Chrysanthis works on IoT, IoT Data analytics, exact and approximate window-based (continuous) aggregation queries, data exploration and entity resolution and their application such in urban informatics. He’s in office 49 and will be with us until the 22nd.

François Baccelli, has brought 2 guest as part as the ERC NEMO in Inria which is an inter-disciplinary research project centered on the dynamics of stochastic networks. The main mathematical aim is the introduction of dynamics in networks based on stochastic geometry, point processes, and random graphs. The main applications are in the modeling of wireless networks, social networks, and random graphs arising in data science. Those 2 guests are Professor Ali Khezeli from the Department of Applied Mathematics of Tarbiat Modares University, (Tehran, Iran) and Professor Mir Omid Haji Mirsadeghi from the Applied Mathematics Programme in Sharif University of Technology. Both work on Stochastic Models, Stochastic Analysis, Probability, Random Graphs and Point Processes. They will be with us for 3 weeks and will be in office 48.