Shashwat Mishra

Shashwat Mishra
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Maximizing Downlink User Connection Density in NOMA-aided NB-IoT Networks Through a Graph Matching Approach,
Shashwat Mishra , Lou Salaun, Jean-Marie Gorce, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen ,
IEEE VTC2022-Fall - IEEE 96th Vehicular Technology Conference 2022, London, United Kingdom
Analysis of Downlink Connectivity in NB-IoT Networks Employing NOMA with Imperfect SIC,
Shashwat Mishra, Lou Salaun, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen , K Giridhar,
2021 Joint European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit (EuCNC/6G Summit): 6G Enabling Technologies 2021, Porto, France
Maximizing Connection Density in NB-IoT Networks with NOMA,
Shashwat Mishra, Lou Salaun , Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen ,
IEEE VTC 2020-Spring 2020, Antwerp, Belgium
Testing Interestingness Measures in Practice: A Large-Scale Analysis of Buying Patterns,
Martin Kirchgessner, Vincent Leroy, Sihem Amer-Yahia, Shashwat Mishra,
International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics 2016, Montreal, Canada
Health Monitoring on Social Media over Time,
Sidana Sumit, Shashwat Mishra, Sihem Amer-Yahia, Marianne Clausel, Massih-Reza Amini,
39th International ACM SIGIR conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval 2016, Pise, Italy

Journal articles

Downlink Connection Density Maximization for NB-IoT Networks using NOMA with Perfect and Partial CSI,
Shashwat Mishra, Lou Salaun, Chi Wan Sung, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen ,
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2021
Colloquial region discovery for retail products: discovery and application,
Shashwat Mishra, Vincent Leroy, Sihem Amer-Yahia,
International Journal of Data Science and Analytics 2017


Discovering Characterizing Regions For Consumer Products,
Shashwat Mishra, Vincent Leroy, Sihem Amer-Yahia,