Remi Varloot

Remi Varloot
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PCANT: Programmable Capture and Analysis of Network Traffic,
Remi Varloot , Ludovic Noirie ,
ICIN 2023
DisPOSE: Demonstrating Opportunistic Multi-tenant Fog Orchestration,
Vincent Verdot, Pierre Peloso, Mathieu Boussard, Richard Douville, Remi Varloot ,
ICIN 2023
Secure Application-Oriented Network Micro-Slicing,
Mathieu Boussard, Nicolas Le Sauze, Serge Papillon, Pierre Peloso, Remi Varloot,
NetSoft 2019
Brief Announcement: Rapid Mixing of Local Dynamics on Graphs,
Laurent Massoulié , Remi Varloot,
DISC 2017
Speeding up Glauber Dynamics for Random Generation of Independent Sets,
Remi Varloot , Ana Bušić , Anne Bouillard ,
The Majord'Home: a SDN approach to let isps manage and extend their customers'home networks,
Mathieu Boussard, Dinh Thai Bui, Richard Douville, Nicolas Le Sauze, Ludovic Noirie , Pierre Peloso, Remi Varloot , Martin Vigoureux,
CNSM 2014
Can P2P networks be super-scalable?,
François Baccelli , Fabien Mathieu , Ilkka Norros, Remi Varloot ,

Journal article

Rapid Mixing of Dynamic Graphs With Local Evolution Rules,
Laurent Massoulié , Remi Varloot,
IEEE Trans. Netw. Sci. Eng. 2020


Rapid Mixing of Local Graph Dynamics,
Laurent Massoulié , Remi Varloot,
CoRR 2017