Marcel Enguehard

Marcel Enguehard
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On information-centric routing and forwarding in the internet of things Du routage centré contenu pour l'internet des objets,
Marcel Enguehard ,


A network protocol for distributed orchestration using intent-based forwarding,
Jordan Augé, Marcel Enguehard ,
IM 2019
A Content-aware Data-plane for Efficient And Scalable Video Delivery,
Yoann Desmouceaux, Marcel Enguehard , Victor Nguyen, Pierre Pfister, Wenqin Shao, Eric Vyncke,
IM 2019
A Popularity-Based Approach for Effective Cloud Offload in Fog Deployments,
Marcel Enguehard , Giovanna Carofiglio, Dario Rossi ,
ITC 2018, Vienne, Austria
Simple and efficient ICN network virtualization with vICN,
Jordan Augé, Giovanna Carofiglio, Marcel Enguehard , Luca Muscariello , Mauro Sardara ,
ICN 2017
Virtualized ICN (vICN): towards a unified network virtualization framework for ICN experimentation,
Mauro Sardara , Luca Muscariello , Jordan Augé, Marcel Enguehard , Alberto Compagno, Giovanna Carofiglio,
ICN 2017
Information Centric Things: Running ICN over RIOT,
Marcel Enguehard ,
RIOT Summit 2016, Berlin, Germany
SLICT: Secure Localized Information Centric Things,
Marcel Enguehard , Ralph Droms, Dario Rossi ,
ICN 2016, Kyoto, Japan
On the Cost of Secure Association of Information Centric Things,
Marcel Enguehard , Ralph Droms, Dario Rossi ,
ICN 2016, Kyoto, Japan

Journal articles

Joint Monitorless Load-Balancing and Autoscaling for Zero-Wait-Time in Data Centers,
Yoann Desmouceaux, Marcel Enguehard, Thomas Clausen,
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 2021
Efficient Latency Control in Fog Deployments via Hardware-Accelerated Popularity Estimation,
Marcel Enguehard, Yoann Desmouceaux, Giovanna Carofiglio,
ACM Trans. Internet Techn. 2020
On the Cost of Geographic Forwarding for Information-Centric Things,
Marcel Enguehard , Ralph Droms, Dario Rossi ,
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking 2018
SNF: synthesizing high performance NFV service chains,
Georgios Katsikas, Marcel Enguehard , Maciej Kuzniar, Gerald Maguire, Dejan Kostic,
PeerJ Comput. Sci. 2016