Ciro Scognamiglio

Institution UPMC Sorbonne Universités
GroupFormer members of the LINCS


OneLab: On-demand deployment of IoT over IPv6,
Loïc Baron, Radomir Klacza, Yasin Rahman, Ciro Scognamiglio , Timur Friedman , Serge Fdida , Frederic Saint-Marcel,
IEEE Infocom 2016 - International Conference on Computer Communications 2016, San Francisco, United States
Demo - OneLab - Major Computer Networking Testbeds for IoT and Wireless Experimentation,
Loïc Baron, Fadwa Boubekeur, Radomir Klacza , Yasin Rahman, Ciro Scognamiglio , Nina Kurose, Timur Friedman , Serge Fdida ,
MobiCom 2015, Paris, France, 199-200
OneLab - Major computer networking testbeds open to the IEEE INFOCOM community,
Loïc Baron, Ciro Scognamiglio , Yasin Rahman, Radomir Klacza , Danilo Cicalese , Nina Kurose, Timur Friedman , Serge Fdida ,
INFOCOM Workshops 2015, 3-4
FanTaaStic - Sustainable management of Future Internet testbed federations,
Alexander Willner, Stephan Albrecht, Stefan Covaci, Florian Schreiner, Thomas Magedanz, Susanna Avessta, Ciro Scognamiglio , Serge Fdida , Udo Bub,
NOMS 2014, Kracow, Poland, 1-4
DC-THERA Directory, a Knowledge Management System for the support of the European Dendritic Cell Immunology Community,
Marco Brandizi, Michaela Gündel, Ciro Scognamiglio, Andrea Splendiani,
SWAT4LS 2009
The DC-THERA Directory - A Knowledge Management System to Support Collaboration on Dendritic Cell and Immunology Research,
Michaela Gündel, Ciro Scognamiglio, Marco Brandizi, Andrea Splendiani,
SWAT4LS 2008

Journal articles

OneLab Tutorial - A Single Portal to Heterogeneous Testbeds,
Loïc Baron, Radomir Klacza , Yasin Rahman, Ciro Scognamiglio , Nina Kurose, Timur Friedman , Serge Fdida ,
EAI Endorsed Trans. Ubiquitous Environments 2015, Vancouver, Canada, e4
Knowledge sharing and collaboration in translational research, and the DC-THERA Directory,
Andrea Splendiani, Michaela Gündel, Jonathan M. Austyn, Duccio Cavalieri, Ciro Scognamiglio, Marco Brandizi,
Briefings in Bioinformatics 2011, 562-575


Next generation portal for federated testbeds MySlice v2 - from prototype to production,
Loïc Baron, Radomir Klacza, Pauline Gaudet-Chardonnet, Amira Bradai, Ciro Scognamiglio, Serge Fdida ,
CoRR 2018, Volos, Greece