Introducing LINCS


The LINCS  is a research centre, co-founded by   Inria, Institut Mines-Télécom, UPMC and Nokia Bell Labs, dedicated to research and innovation in the domains of future information and communication networks, systems and services. In 2014 SystemX joined the LINCS as strategic partner.

A key concept of the LINCS is a physical co-localisation of researchers from the five partner institutions, creating a collaborative work space that facilitates exchange and innovation.

Information and communication technologies, systems and services are considered today as a key element in the evolution of the digital society. The domain spans a wide range of research topics (from network sciences and technologies to information theory) and encompasses new paradigms like the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, nano-networks, content-centric systems and cloud computing and networking, which together with the evolution of existing systems like mobile networks, are becoming key enablers for enhancing quality of life and optimizing industrial and business processes.