A Pricing Mechanism and Revenue Sharing in Network Service Providers Alliances

Speaker : Isabel Amigo
Telecom Bretagne
Date: 30/01/2013
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: LINCS Meeting Room 40


Date: 30/01/2013,  14h – 15h
Room: LINCS, salle de conseil
Speaker: Isabel Amigo (Telecom Bretagne)
Talk: A Pricing Mechanism and Revenue Sharing in Network Service Providers Alliances
Abstract: Network Service Providers alliances are envisioned to emerge in the near future as a means of selling end-to-end quality assured services through interdomain networks. Several aspects of such a community must be discussed in order to assure its economical and technical viability.  Within the economic ones, pricing and revenue sharing are key aspects on which all alliance’s members must agree. In this context, we present a framework where services are sold via first-price auctions and incomes are formulated as the solution of  a Network Utility Maximization problem. Then, we discuss the revenue sharing problem in such context, express the desirable properties of a revenue sharing method, argue why the existing methods are not suitable, and propose a family of solutions.
Biography: Isabel Amigo was born in January 23th, 1984 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Since 2007 she holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Universidad de la República, Uruguay. Since 2006 she is a Research and Teaching assistant at the Electrical Engineering department of the School of Engineering, Universidad de la República, Uruguay. In late 2007 she joins the technical team of the National  digital inclusion plan Plan Ceibal , where she is later on in charge of the Projects department and the Research and Development area. On March 2010 she leaves Plan Ceibal in order to pursue a PhD thesis. She is currently a PhD candidate at Telecom Bretagne (France) and Universidad de la República (Uruguay), in a co-advised program, under the advisory of Prof. Sandrine Vaton and Prof. Pablo Belzarena.