Welcome Sanjoy et Lorena !

Sanjoy Kumar JHAVAR is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the ERC NEMO research group working with Prof. François Baccelli, hosted under the Dynamics of Geometric Networks (DYOGENE) at INRIA Paris. In a broader sense, he is interested in Stochastic geometry. In finer sense he is interested in questions like percolation phase transition, limit theorems for various statistics emerging out of stochastic geometric networks and understanding the behavior of these networks under dynamics. Recently he got interested in similar questions in high dimensional objects like simplicial complexes within these stochastic geometric networks.

Lorena Gonzàles Manzano is associate professor at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. She is doing a one year research visit in the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. She works in cybersecurity and along this period she will be working on different uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for cybersecurity, including an analysis of AI problems in this area. She is willing to actively participate in LINCS seminars even as a speaker, getting new knowledge and sharing her experience in cybersecurity.