Welcome to Professor Mark Crovella!

Professor Mark Crovella has been invited by Renata Teixeira (INRIA) and will be staying with us for a year. Professor is the Head of the Department of Computer Science at Boston University.  He has previously been a visiting professor at LIP6 (UPMC/Paris-Sorbonne) in 2003-2004.

As a reminder, Professor is co-author of Internet Measurement: Infrastructure, Traffic, and Applications (Wiley Press, 2006) and is the author of over two hundred papers on networking and computer systems. His research interests span both computer networking and network science.

He has worked on improving the understanding, design, and performance of parallel and networked computer systems, mainly through the application of data mining, statistics, and performance evaluation, and on characterizing the Internet and the World Wide Web. He has explored the presence and implications of self-similarity and heavy-tailed distributions in network traffic and Web workloads. He has also investigated the implications of Web workloads for the design of scalable and cost-effective Web servers. In addition he has made numerous contributions to Internet measurement and modeling; and he has examined the impact of network properties on the design of protocols and the construction of statistical models. In the network science arena, he has focused on the analysis of social, biological, and data networks.