Welcome Marianna, Simone, Léonard, Gabriel, Juan!

LINCS is glad to introduce some new researchers affiliated through Sorbonne, supervised by Professor Potop-Butucaru.
Marianna Belotti  (PhD Sorbonne – cifre Caisse Dépôts)
After having completed her studies on Quantitative Finance (Mathematical Engineering) in Politecnico di Milano, Marianna Belotti joined the Blockchain team of Caisse des Dépôts Group within the CIFRE program (industrial PhD) where she carries out research and development works on projects of strategic importance to the French institution. Marianna has several publications, related to Blockchain technology, exploring its potential use-cases and its adaptability and security issues. She is in charge of the BI operations, institutional relationships and the animation of the Think Tank meeting of LaBChain (a consortium grouping the major actors in the French Fintech ecosystem). Marianna has also obtained the Business Foundation Certificate from INSEAD.

Simone Galimberti (Intern Sorbonne)

Student at Polytechnic University of Milan in Mathematical Engineering major in Quantitative Finance. Passionate about probability, game theory, financial engineering and stochastic models. I am currently ending my master degree with an internship at Sorbonne University, my research deals with DAG based blockchain protocols studied from a game theoretical prespective.

Léonard Lys (PhD Sorbonne – cifre Palo IT)

After an engineering degree at ECE Paris and a few experiences in full stack development, Léonard decided to specialize in blockchain technology. He did so by joining the LIP6 (laboratoire d’informatique de Paris 6) for a CIFRE thesis (industrial PhD) in partnership with the consulting company PALO IT. He focuses on blockchain interoperability and atomic swaps.


Gabriel Rebello (PhD Sorbonne – cotutelle Brasil)

I am a cotutelle PhD student at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil, and Sorbonne Université, France. Before becoming a PhD student, I received a B.Eng. in computer engineering and a M.Sc. in electrical engineering from UFRJ in 2019. I am currently working in the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris 6 (LIP6) under the supervision of Maria Potop-Butucaru and Marcelo Dias de Amorim. My research interests lie in the general area of computer networks and information security, especially blockchain technology and payment channel networks.

Juan Villacis (Intern Sorbonne)

I am studying the M1 in Foundations of Computer Science at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. As part of the program I am currently doing an internship at LIP6 on topics related to temporal graphs under the supervision of Binh-Minh Bui-Xuan and Maria Potop-Butucaru.

We’re glad to have you with us!! The warmest welcome from the whole of the LINCS community 🙂