Reading group – Wireless and Dynamic Networks


  • 01/07/2015, Wed, 14:00 – 15:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: New MAC Protocol, Multiple Packet Reception and Smart Wireless

Presenter: Wong Wing Shing (Department of Information Engineering, CUHK)

  • 24/06/2015, Wed, 11:00 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: Rethinking Competitive-Ratio: Two Case Studies

Presenter: I-Hong Hou (Texas A&M University)

  • 17/06/2015, Wed, 11:00 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: The Capacity of Wireless Networks for Emerging Applications

Presenter:  I-Hong Hou (Texas A&M University)

  • 22/05/2015, Wed, 10:30 – 11:30, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: The Power of Online Learning in Stochastic Network Optimization

Presenter:  Longbo Huang (Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS), Tsinghua University)

  • 08/04/2015, Wed, 14:00 – 15:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: BASIC regenerating codes for distributed storage systems

Presenter:  Kenneth W. Shum (Institute of Network Coding, CUHK)

  • 29/01/2014,Wed, 10:00 – 11:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: LTE Network Optimization by Distributed Fast Algorithms

Presenter: (intern student at ALU Bell Labs France & INRIA)

  • 12/02/2014, Wed, 11:00-12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS) 

Talk: Studying the SINR process of the typical user in Poisson networks: a factorial moment measure framework (slide: KEELER-LINCS-WDN2014)

Presenter: Paul Keeler (INRIA)

  • 15/05/2013, Wed, 10:30 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: “Charging and rate control for elastic traffic” (presentation_Alonso)

Presenter: Alonso Silva (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)

  • 22/05/2013, Wed, 10:30 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: “Point-based value iteration: An anytime algorithm for POMDPs” (presentation_Marceau)

Presenter: Marceau Coupechoux (Institut Mines-Télécom)

  • 29/05/2013, Wed (10:30 – 12:00, Salle 40 (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: “Impact of Fairness on Internet Performance + A short note on Benders’ decomposition” (presentation_Anastasios)

Presenter: Anastasios Giovanidis (INRIA)

  • 05/06/2013, Wed, 10:30 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: “Distributed Network Utility Optimization and Resource Allocation in Cellular Networks” (presentation_Calvin)

Presenter: Calvin C. S. Chen (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)

  • 12/06/2013, Wed, 10:30 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: “A simple solution to the k-core problem” (presentation_Alonso_2013_06_12)

Presenter: Alonso Silva (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)

  • 26/06/2013, Wed, 10:30 AM – 12:00 noon, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: “Flow-Level Stability of Data Networks with Non-Convex Rate Regions” (presentation_Anastasios_2013_06_26)

Presenter: Anastasios Giovanidis (INRIA)

  • 17/07/2013, Wed, 10:30 – 11:30, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: “Queue-Aware Power Control on Interfering Wireless Channels using Heavy Traffic Asymptotics” (presentation_Apostolos)

Presenter: Apostolos DESTOUNIS (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs & Supelec)

  • 23/10/2013, Wed, 10:30 – 11:30, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: Cell coordination in HSPA+: Feature description and performance gains (slide: presentation_KHLASS_Multipoint_HSPA+)

Presenter: Ahlem Khlass (Telecom-Paristech)

  • 30/10/2013, Wed, 10:30 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: Dimensioning of wireless cellular networks serving variable bit-rate calls (slide: Presentation-Miodrag-2013-Oct)

Presenter: Miodrag Jovanovic (Orange)

  • 06/11/2013, Wed, 11:30 – 11:30, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)


Presenter: Dimitrios Milioris (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs & Ecole Polytechnique)

  • 13/11/2013, Wed, 11:00 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: Living on the Edge: The Role of Proactive Caching in 5G Wireless Networks (slide: BastugEtAl-LivingOnTheEdge)

Presenter: Ejder Bastug (Supelec)

  • 27/11/2013, Wed, 11:00 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: Providing Incentives for Wireless Peer-to-Peer Networks (slide: 2013_1127_LINCS_I_Hong)

Presenter: I-Hong Hou (Texas A&M University)

  • 04/12/2013, Wed, 11:00 – 12:00, Salle de conseil (4/F, LINCS)

Talk: Modeling inter-carrier load balancing in carrier aggregation in mobile networks

Presenter: Raluca-Maria INDRE (Orange)

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  • Ahlem Khlass (Institut Mines-Télécom)
  • Aline Viana (INRIA)
  • Alonso Silva (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)
  • Ana Busic (INRIA)
  • Anastasios Giovanidis (CNRS)
  • Apostolos DESTOUNIS (Supelec / Bell Labs)
  • Calvin Chung Shue Chen (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)
  • Dimitrios Milioris (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)
  • Jordan Auge (UPMC Sorbonne Universités)
  • Mattia Minelli (Institut Mines-Télécom)
  • Marceau Coupechoux (Institut Mines-Télécom)
  • Miodrag Jovanovic (Orange)
  • Philippe Jacquet (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)
  • Pierre Vigreux (UPMC Sorbonne Université)
  • Raluca Indre (Orange)
  • Thomas Bonald (Institut Mines-Télécom)
  • Thomas Bourgeau (UPMC Sorbonne Université)
  • Valentin del Piccolo (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)
  • Walid Benchaita (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)
  • Ye Liu (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Dalia-Georgiana Herculea (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)