ICN reading group

Manifest of the ICN reading group

Welcome to the ICN reading group. Our aim is to meet and discuss different aspects of the ICN paradigm:

  • Naming
  • Mobility
  • Forwarding
  • Caching

We plan to have weekly meetings of about 1hr. We meet every Tuesday at 11:00 and discuss one paper per meeting.

We plan to share a Zotero ICN folder (https://www.zotero.org) in order to keep the distribution of the papers read in an organized format. Each member will have access to the directory by invitation.

If you are interested in proposing new papers you should send a reference to the paper (i.e., title and author). Your selected paper will be added within the Zotero folder, and we will find a room to read and discuss it.

If you really want to participate, but you are no physically here, we can easily manage a Skype connection.

I hope you will find this reading group useful and interesting. Happy reading to everyone!



  • Giovanna Carofiglio
  • Massimo Gallo
  • Paul Mockapetris
  • Diego Perino
  • Dario Rossi

Old papers read (2011/2012)

  1. Antonio Carzaniga et al., A Routing Scheme for Content-Based Networking, INFOCOM 2004
  2. Teemu Koponen et al., A data-oriented (and beyond) network architecture, SIGCOMM 2007
  3. Ali Ghodsi et al., Information-centric networking: seeing the forest for the trees, HotNets ’11
  4. Ali Ghodsi et al., Naming in Content-Oriented Architectures, ICN 2011
  5. Van Jacobson et al., Networking Named Data, Conext 2009]
  6. Yan Sun, Egi et al., Content based route lookup using TCAM
  7. Mark Baugher et al., Self-Verifying Names for Read-Only Named Data, NOMEN 2012
  8. Petri Jokela et al., LIPSIN: line speed publish/subscribe inter-networking, SIGCOMM 2009
  9. Matthew Caesar et al.,Routing on flat lables, SIGCOMM 2006
  10. Ankit Singla et al., Scalable routing on flat names, Conext 2010
  11. Antonio Carzaniga et al., Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Networking and Information-Centric Networking, ICN 2011
  12. Perino et al., “A Reality Check for Content Centric Networking”, ICN 2011
  13. Chai et al., “Cache “Less for More” in Information-Centric Networks”, NETWORKING 2012
  14. Guo et al., “Collaborative Forwarding and Caching in Content Centric Networks”, NETWORKING 2012
  15. Wang et al., “Advertising Cached Contents in the Control Plane: Necessity and Feasibility”, NOMEN 2012
  16. Field et al., “Integrating Routing with CDNs”, NOMEN 2012
  17. Lee et al., “Efficient User-assisted Content Distribution over Information-centric Network” NETWORKING 2012
  18. Baid et al., “Comparing Alternative Approaches for Networking of Named Objects in the Future Internet” NOMEN 2012
  19. Oran et al., “Content Routing using Internet Routing Protocols: Can it scale?”, ICNRG 2011
  20. Ming et al., “Age-based Cooperative Caching in Information-Centric Networks”, NOMEN 2012
  21. Cho et al., “WAVE: Popularity-based and Collaborative In-network Caching for Content-Oriented Networks”, NOMEN 2012
  22. Katsaros et al., “GlobeTraff: a traffic workload generator for the performance evaluation of future Internet architectures”, NTMS 2012