Xinbo Wang

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Centralize or distribute? A techno-economic study to design a low-cost cloud radio access network,
Xinbo Wang, Lin Wang, Salah Eddine Elayoubi , Alberto Conte, Biswanath Mukherjee, Cicek Cavdar,
ICC 2017, 1-7
Priority-aware scheduling for packet-switched optical networks in datacenter,
Lin Wang, Xinbo Wang, Massimo Tornatore, Kwangjoon Kim, Sun Me Kim, Dae-Ub Kim, Kyeong-Eun Han, Biswanath Mukherjee,
ONDM 2017, 1-5
Joint Allocation of Radio and Optical Resources in Virtualized Cloud RAN with CoMP,
Xinbo Wang , Cicek Cavdar, Lin Wang , Massimo Tornatore, Yongli Zhao, Hwan Seok Chung, Han Hyub Lee, Soomyung Park, Biswanath Mukherjee,
GLOBECOM 2016, 1-6
On the performance of Hybrid-PON scheduling strategies for NG-EPON,
Lin Wang , Xinbo Wang , Biswanath Mukherjee, Hwan Seok Chung, Han Hyub Lee, Soomyung Park,
ONDM 2016, 1-5
Clock Synchronization Method for Distributed Real-Time Simulation Based on Multilayer Network Architecture,
Xinbo Wang, Jiangyun Wang,
AsiaSim 2012, 246-254
Decision-making Model of Concession Price and Period for Traffic BOT Projects under Elastic Demand,
Jinbo Song, Xinbo Wang, Dongbo Wang, Dashuang Dai,
BIFE 2012, 550-555

Journal articles

Crosstalk-Aware Spectrum Defragmentation Based on Spectrum Compactness in Space Division Multiplexing Enabled Elastic Optical Networks With Multicore Fiber,
Yongli Zhao, Liyazhou Hu, Ruijie Zhu, Xiaosong Yu, Xinbo Wang, Jie Zhang,
IEEE Access 2018, 15346-15355
Virtualized Cloud Radio Access Network for 5G Transport,
Xinbo Wang, Cicek Cavdar, Lin Wang, Massimo Tornatore, Hwan Seok Chung, Han Hyub Lee, Soomyung Park, Biswanath Mukherjee,
IEEE Communications Magazine 2017, 202-209
Generation of Coherent Multicarrier Signals for the Measurement of Multicarrier Multipactor,
Xinbo Wang, Xiaokang Qi, Xiang Chen, Huan Wei, Baoxin Wang, Luchuan Guo, Qinfen Sun, Wanzhao Cui, Xinshe Yin, Hongtai Zhang, Xiaoning Zhang, Yongdong Li, Chunliang Liu, Bin Zhang, Dexin Ye, Lixin Ran,
IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement 2017, 3357-3363
Spectrum engineering in flexible grid data center optical networks,
Xiaosong Yu, Yongli Zhao, Jiawei Zhang, Xinbo Wang, Jianping Wang, Jie Zhang,
Optical Switching and Networking 2014, 282-288