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Demo Abstract - 5G End-to-End Open Source Network with Traffic Prioritization Mechanism,
Mohamad Yassin, William Diego , Sofiane Imadali,
INFOCOM Workshops 2019, Paris, France
Processing Time Evaluation and Prediction in Cloud-RAN,
Hatem Khedher, Sahar Hoteit, Patrick Brown, Ruby Krishnaswamy , William Diego , Véronique Vèque,
ICC 2019
Scalable and cost-efficient algorithms for baseband unit (BBU) function split placement,
Niezi Mharsi , Makhlouf Hadji , Dusit Niyato, William Diego , Ruby Krishnaswamy ,
WCNC 2018, Barcelone, Spain
SloMo - An implicit cross-layer mechanism for a better experience on mobile networks,
William Diego , Isabelle Hamchaoui, Fabrice Guillemin,
ISCC 2017
Improving D2D communications using 3D beamforming in 5G wireless networks,
William Diego , Jean Marc Kelif,
PIMRC 2017
Cost factor analysis of QoS in LTE/EPC mobile networks,
William Diego , Isabelle Hamchaoui, Xavier Lagrange,
CCNC 2016
Cross-Layer Design and Performance Evaluation for IP-centric QoS Model in LTE-EPC Networks,
William Diego, Isabelle Hamchaoui, Xavier Lagrange,
WMNC 2015
The Cost of QoS in LTE/EPC Mobile Networks Evaluation of Processing Load,
William Diego, Isabelle Hamchaoui, Xavier Lagrange,
VTC Fall 2015
IP centric QoS model for mobile networks - Packet based QoS management for Intra-bearer arrangements,
Isabelle Hamchaoui, William Diego, Sebastien Jobert,
WCNC 2014
Impact of transmitting power on femto cells performance and coverage in heterogeneous wireless networks,
Jean Marc Kelif, William Diego, Stéphane Sénécal,
WCNC 2012


Meeting Energy-Efficient and QoS Requirements of 5G Using D2D Communications,
Jean Marc Kelif, William Diego ,
CoRR 2017