Valerio Bruschi

Valerio Bruschi
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DEMO: top-k cardinality estimation with HyperLogLog sketches,
Valerio Bruschi, Salvatore Pontarelli, Jerome Tollet, David Barach, Giuseppe Bianchi,
ICIN 2021
DISCOvering the heavy hitters with disaggregated sketches,
Valerio Bruschi, Ran Ben Basat, Zaoxing Liu, Gianni Antichi, Giuseppe Bianchi, Michael Mitzenmacher,
CoNEXT 2020
Europe's First 5G-Ready Railway Trial Utilizing Integrated Optical Passive WDM Access and Broadband Millimeter-Wave to Deliver Multi-Gbit/s Seamless Connectivity,
Jim Zou, Peter Legg, Romeo Santiago, Valerio Bruschi, Richard Graham, Salvatore Pontarelli, Giacomo Belocchi, Luca Petrucci, Paula Ciria, Carles Teres, Juan Agusti, Manuel Alfageme,
ECOC 2020
Offloading Online MapReduce tasks with Stateful Programmable Data Planes,
Valerio Bruschi, Marco Faltelli, Angelo Tulumello, Salvatore Pontarelli, Francesco Quaglia, Giuseppe Bianchi,
ICIN 2020
Back to the Future: Towards Hardware "Netputing" Architectures (position paper),
Giuseppe Bianchi, Marco Faltelli, Valerio Bruschi,
MedComNet 2020
FlowBlaze: Stateful Packet Processing in Hardware,
Salvatore Pontarelli, Roberto Bifulco, Marco Bonola, Carmelo Cascone, Marco Spaziani, Valerio Bruschi, Davide Sanvito, Giuseppe Siracusano, Antonio Capone, Michio Honda, Felipe Huici,
NSDI 2019
On offloading programmable SDN controller tasks to the embedded microcontroller of stateful SDN dataplanes,
Salvatore Pontarelli, Valerio Bruschi , Marco Bonola, Giuseppe Bianchi,
NetSoft 2017
Implementing a Per-Flow Token Bucket Using Open Packet Processor,
Giuseppe Bianchi, Marco Bonola, Valerio Bruschi , Luca Petrucci, Salvatore Pontarelli,
TIWDC 2017

Journal articles

FlowFight: High performance-low memory top-k spreader detection,
Valerio Bruschi, Salvatore Pontarelli, Jerome Tollet, David Barach, Giuseppe Bianchi,
Comput. Networks 2021
More Accurate Streaming Cardinality Estimation With Vectorized Counters,
Valerio Bruschi, Pedro Reviriego, Salvatore Pontarelli, Daniel Ting, Giuseppe Bianchi,
IEEE Netw. Lett. 2021
Fast Updates for Line-Rate HyperLogLog-Based Cardinality Estimation,
Pedro Reviriego, Valerio Bruschi, Salvatore Pontarelli, Daniel Ting, Giuseppe Bianchi,
IEEE Commun. Lett. 2020
TupleMerge: Fast Software Packet Processing for Online Packet Classification,
James Daly, Valerio Bruschi, Leonardo Linguaglossa , Salvatore Pontarelli, Dario Rossi, Jerome Tollet, Eric Torng, Andrew Yourtchenko,
IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 2019