Tuan-Minh Pham

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A comprehensive resource management and placement for network function virtualization,
Thi-Minh Nguyen , Serge Fdida , Tuan-Minh Pham,
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Optimization of Content Caching in Content-Centric Network,
Tuan-Minh Pham, Michel Minoux, Serge Fdida , Marcin Pilarski,
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Iodine Absorption Cells Purity Testing,
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Thi-Thuy-Lien Nguyen, Tuan-Minh Pham, Huynh Thi Thanh Binh,
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Analysis of ISP caching in information-centric networks,
Tuan-Minh Pham,
RIVF 2015
Pricing in Information-Centric Network interconnection,
Tuan-Minh Pham , Serge Fdida , Panayotis Antoniadis,
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The Effect of Caching on a Model of Content and Access Provider Revenues in Information-centric Networks,
Fatih Kocak, George Kesidis, Tuan-Minh Pham , Serge Fdida ,
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DTN support for news dissemination in an urban area,
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A Combination of a Dynamic Geometry Software With a Proof Assistant for Interactive Formal Proofs,
Tuan-Minh Pham , Yves Bertot,
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Modeling and Analysis of Content Distribution in Disruption Tolerant Networks. (Modélisation et Analyse de la Distribution de Contenus dans un Réseau DTN),
Tuan-Minh Pham ,
A Coq-Based Library for Interactive and Automated Theorem Proving in Plane Geometry,
Tuan-Minh Pham , Yves Bertot, Julien Narboux,
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Formal Description of Geometrical Properties. (Description Formelle de Propriétés Géométriques),
Tuan-Minh Pham ,
Similar triangles and orientation in plane elementary geometry for Coq-based proofs,
Tuan-Minh Pham,
SAC 2010
Delay estimation of a user-preferred content distribution scheme in disruption tolerant networks,
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