Thomas Green

Thomas Green
Institution Institut Mines-Telecom
GroupPhD students


Using bacterial adhesins to direct human stem cells to the myocardium,
Wenjin Xiao, Thomas Green , Xiaowen Liang, Guillaume Perry, Rosalia Cuahtecontzi Delint, Haolu Wang, Robert Barker, Kris Le Vay, Michael Roberts, Paul Race, Adam Perriman,
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society World Congress 2018 2018, Kyoto, Japan
Leveraging Inter-domain Stability for BGP Dynamics Analysis,
Thomas Green , Anthony Lambert, Cristel Pelsser, Dario Rossi ,
PAM 2018, Berlin, Germany, 203-215

Journal article

The influence of DeltaFosB in the nucleus accumbens on natural reward-related behavior,
Deanna Wallace, Vincent Vialou, Loretta Rios, Tiffany Carle-Florence, Sumana Chakravarty, Arvind Kumar, Danielle Graham, Thomas Green, Anne Kirk, Sergio Iñiguez, Linda Perrotti, Michel Barrot, Ralph Dileone, Eric Nestler, Carlos Bolaños-Guzmán,
Journal of Neuroscience 2008