Silvia Colabrese

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Learning-based approach to boost detection rate and localisation accuracy in single molecule localisation microscopy,
Silvia Colabrese, Marco Castello, Giuseppe Vicidomini, Alessio Del Bue,
ICIP 2016
A low complexity real-time Internet traffic flows neuro-fuzzy classifier,
Antonello Rizzi, Alfonso Iacovazzi, Andrea Baiocchi, Silvia Colabrese,
Computer Networks 2015
Aggregation of Statistical Data from Passive Probes - Techniques and Best Practices,
Silvia Colabrese, Dario Rossi , Marco Mellia,
TMA 2014, London, United Kingdom
Scalable Accurate Consolidation of Passively Measured Statistical Data,
Silvia Colabrese, Dario Rossi , Marco Mellia,
PAM 2014, Los Angeles, United States
Low complexity, high performance neuro-fuzzy system for Internet traffic flows early classification,
Antonello Rizzi, Silvia Colabrese , Andrea Baiocchi,
IWCMC 2013