Seyoung Yun

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 Inria 36 None Former post-docs


Accelerating Randomly Projected Gradient with Variance Reduction,
Seongyoon Kim, Seyoung Yun,
BigComp 2020
On the pricing of femtocell services,
Seyoung Yun, Yung Yi, Dong Ho Cho, Jeonghoon Mo,
CFI 2010
Traffic density based power control scheme for femto AP,
Seyoung Yun, Dong Ho Cho,
PIMRC 2010
Decentralized power control scheme in femtocell networks - A game theoretic approach,
Eun Jin Hong, Seyoung Yun, Dong Ho Cho,
PIMRC 2009


Convergence Rates of Gradient Descent and MM Algorithms for Generalized Bradley-Terry Models,
Milan Vojnovic, Seyoung Yun, Kaifang Zhou,
CoRR 2019
Non-Stationary Streaming PCA,
Daniel Bienstock, Apurv Shukla, Seyoung Yun,
CoRR 2019