Seyoung Yun

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 Inria 36 None Former post-docs


On the pricing of femtocell services,
Seyoung Yun, Yung Yi, Dong-Ho Cho, Jeonghoon Mo,
CFI 2010
Traffic density based power control scheme for femto AP,
Seyoung Yun, Dong-Ho Cho,
PIMRC 2010
Decentralized power control scheme in femtocell networks - A game theoretic approach,
Eun Jin Hong, Seyoung Yun, Dong-Ho Cho,
PIMRC 2009


Convergence Rates of Gradient Descent and MM Algorithms for Generalized Bradley-Terry Models,
Milan Vojnovic, Seyoung Yun, Kaifang Zhou,
CoRR 2019
Non-Stationary Streaming PCA,
Daniel Bienstock, Apurv Shukla, Seyoung Yun,
CoRR 2019