Seyoung Yun

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Accelerating Randomly Projected Gradient with Variance Reduction,
Seongyoon Kim, Seyoung Yun,
BigComp 2020
FEWER: Federated Weight Recovery,
Yongjin Shin, Gihun Lee, Seungjae Shin, Seyoung Yun, Il Chul Moon,
DistributedML@CoNEXT 2020
Efficient Model for Image Classification With Regularization Tricks,
Taehyeon Kim, Jonghyup Kim, Seyoung Yun,
NeurIPS 2019
On the pricing of femtocell services,
Seyoung Yun, Yung Yi, Dong Ho Cho, Jeonghoon Mo,
CFI 2010
Traffic density based power control scheme for femto AP,
Seyoung Yun, Dong Ho Cho,
PIMRC 2010
Decentralized power control scheme in femtocell networks: A game theoretic approach,
Eun Jin Hong, Seyoung Yun, Dong Ho Cho,
PIMRC 2009

Journal articles

Meta-Learning Amidst Heterogeneity and Ambiguity,
Kyeongryeol Go, Mingyu Kim, Seyoung Yun,
IEEE Access 2023
The StarCraft Multi-Agent Exploration Challenges: Learning Multi-Stage Tasks and Environmental Factors Without Precise Reward Functions,
Mingyu Kim, Jihwan Oh, Yongsik Lee, Joonkee Kim, Seonghwan Kim, Song Chong, Seyoung Yun,
IEEE Access 2023


Mold into a Graph: Efficient Bayesian Optimization over Mixed-Spaces,
Jaeyeon Ahn, Taehyeon Kim, Seyoung Yun,
CoRR 2022
Accurate and Fast Federated Learning via Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandits,
Taehyeon Kim, Sangmin Bae, Jin Woo Lee, Seyoung Yun,
CoRR 2020
Adaptive Local Bayesian Optimization Over Multiple Discrete Variables,
Taehyeon Kim, Jaeyeon Ahn, Nakyil Kim, Seyoung Yun,
CoRR 2020
Convergence Rates of Gradient Descent and MM Algorithms for Generalized Bradley-Terry Models,
Milan Vojnovic, Seyoung Yun, Kaifang Zhou,
CoRR 2019
Non-Stationary Streaming PCA,
Daniel Bienstock, Apurv Shukla, Seyoung Yun,
CoRR 2019