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Simulating Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility in Luxembourg,
Sebastien Faye, Gérald Arnould, Francesco Ferrero, Imen Mahjri, Djamel Khadraoui,
ERCIM News 2019
Interpreting Contextual Information through User-centric Network Discovery,
Sebastien Faye, Djamel Khadraoui,
SenSys 2018
DISCO - Ultra-Lightweight Mobility Discovery,
Sebastien Faye, Foued Melakessou, Djamel Khadraoui,
SenSys 2018
Characterizing user mobility using mobile sensing systems,
Sebastien Faye, Walter Bronzi, Ibrahim Tahirou, Thomas Engel,
IJDSN 2017
Usage of Smartphone Data to Derive an Indicator for Collaborative Mobility between Individuals,
Bogdan Toader, Francois Sprumont, Sebastien Faye, Mioara Popescu, Francesco Viti,
ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Information 2017
Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST) Scenario - Traffic Demand Evaluation,
Lara Codeca, Raphaël Frank, Sebastien Faye, Thomas Engel,
IEEE Intell. Transport. Syst. Mag. 2017
Characterizing driving environments through Bluetooth discovery,
Walter Bronzi, Sebastien Faye, Raphaël Frank, Thomas Engel,
ICTC 2017
Demo - MAMBA - A platform for personalised multimodal trip planning,
Sebastien Faye, Guido Cantelmo, Ibrahim Tahirou, Thierry Derrmann, Francesco Viti, Thomas Engel,
VNC 2017
Poster - Characterizing driving behaviors through a car simulation platform,
Sebastien Faye, Sasan Jafarnejad, Juan Costamagna, German Castignani, Thomas Engel,
VNC 2017
A Two-Level Approach to Characterizing Human Activities from Wearable Sensor Data,
Sebastien Faye, Nicolas Louveton, Gabriela Gheorghe, Thomas Engel,
JoWUA 2016
Characterizing the Topology of an Urban Wireless Sensor Network for Road Traffic Management,
Sebastien Faye, Claude Chaudet,
IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology 2016
Heat is in the eye of the beholder - Towards better authenticating on smartglasses,
Gabriela Gheorghe, Nicolas Louveton, Benoît Martin, Benjamin Viraize, Louis Mougin, Sebastien Faye, Thomas Engel,
HSI 2016
Not a tile out of place - Toward creating context-dependent user interfaces on smartglasses,
Isabelle Pecci, Benoît Martin, Imed Kacem, Imed Maamria, Sebastien Faye, Nicolas Louveton, Gabriela Gheorghe, Thomas Engel,
HSI 2016
Understanding user daily mobility using mobile and wearable sensing systems,
Sebastien Faye, Thomas Engel,
ICTC 2016
Toward a characterization of human activities using smart devices - A micro/macro approach,
Sebastien Faye, Nicolas Louveton, Gabriela Gheorghe, Thomas Engel,
INFOCOM Workshops 2016
Towards privacy-neutral travel time estimation from mobile phone signalling data,
Thierry Derrmann, Raphaël Frank, Sebastien Faye, German Castignani, Thomas Engel,
ISC2 2016
Human Mobility Profiling Using Privacy-Friendly Wi-Fi and Activity Traces - Demo Abstract,
Sebastien Faye, Ibrahim Tahirou, Thomas Engel,
SenSys 2016
Poster - LuST-LTE - A simulation package for pervasive vehicular connectivity,
Thierry Derrmann, Sebastien Faye, Raphaël Frank, Thomas Engel,
VNC 2016
Adaptive Activity and Context Recognition Using Multimodal Sensors in Smart Devices,
Sebastien Faye, Raphaël Frank, Thomas Engel,
MobiCASE 2015
Demo - Using Wearables to Learn from Human Dynamics,
Sebastien Faye, Raphaël Frank,
MobiSys 2015
Connectivity analysis of wireless sensor networks deployments in smart cities,
Sebastien Faye, Claude Chaudet ,
SCVT 2015
Contrôle et gestion du trafic routier urbain par un réseau de capteurs sans fil. (Control and management of urban traffic by a wireless sensor network),
Sebastien Faye ,
Secure and Energy-efficient Geocast Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks based on a Hierarchical Clustered Structure,
Sebastien Faye , Jean Frédéric Myoupo,
I. J. Network Security 2013
Influence of radio communications on multiple intersection control by a wireless sensor network,
Sebastien Faye , Claude Chaudet , Isabelle M. Demeure,
ITST 2013
A distributed algorithm for adaptive traffic lights control,
Sebastien Faye , Claude Chaudet , Isabelle M. Demeure,
ITSC 2012
Un algorithme distribué de contrôle des feux de circulation sur plusieurs intersections par un réseau de capteurs sans fil,
Sebastien Faye , Claude Chaudet , Isabelle M. Demeure,