Sanket Sanjay Kalamkar

Sanket Sanjay Kalamkar
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A Fine-Grained Analysis of Radar Detection in Vehicular Networks,
Gourab Ghatak, Sanket Sanjay Kalamkar , Yash Gupta, Shubhi Sharma,
IEEE GLOBECOM 2021 - IEEE Global Communications Conference 2021, Madrid, Spain
Reliability and Local Delay in Wireless Networks: Does Bandwidth Partitioning Help?,
Sanket Sanjay Kalamkar ,
GLOBECOM 2019 - IEEE Global Communications Conference 2019, Waikoloa, Hawaii, United States

Journal articles

Simple Approximations of the SIR Meta Distribution in General Cellular Networks,
Sanket Sanjay Kalamkar , Martin Haenggi,
IEEE Transactions on Communications 2019
Per-Link Reliability and Rate Control: Two Facets of the SIR Meta Distribution,
Sanket Sanjay Kalamkar , Martin Haenggi,
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 2019