Qianyun Guo

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 Nokia Bell Labs 50 None Former interns


Power control for coordinated NOMA downlink with cell-edge users,
Qianyun Guo, Chi Wan Sung, Yi Chen, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen ,
WCNC 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Journal articles

ncdDetect2 - improved models of the site-specific mutation rate in cancer and driver detection with robust significance evaluation,
Malene Juul, Tobias Madsen, Qianyun Guo, Johanna Bertl, Asger Hobolth, Manolis Kellis, Jakob Skou Pedersen,
Bioinform. 2019
A site specific model and analysis of the neutral somatic mutation rate in whole-genome cancer data,
Johanna Bertl, Qianyun Guo, Malene Juul, Søren Besenbacher, Morten Muhlig Nielsen, Henrik Hornshøj, Jakob Skou Pedersen, Asger Hobolth,
BMC Bioinform. 2018