Pierre-Antoine Rault

Pierre-Antoine Rault
0  Institut Mines-Telecom38🏠Former members of the LINCS


Access control based on CRDTs for Collaborative Distributed Applications,
Pierre-Antoine Rault, Claudia-Lavinia Ignat, Olivier Perrin,
The International Symposium on Intelligent and Trustworthy Computing, Communications, and Networking (ITCCN-2023) 2023, Exeter, United Kingdom
Distributed access control for collaborative applications using CRDTs,
Pierre-Antoine Rault, Claudia Lavinia Ignat, Olivier Perrin,
PaPoC@EuroSys 2022, Rennes, France


Group Key Agreement in Information Centric Networks with Tree Group Diffie-Hellman,
Pierre-Antoine Rault, Luigi Iannone ,
CoRR 2020