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Paul Labrogere
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Online algorithm for servers consolidation in Cloud data centers,
Makhlouf Hadji, Paul Labrogere,
ICCCRI 2014, Singapour, Singapore
A Virtual Machine Repacking in Clouds: Faster Live Migration Algorithms,
Makhlouf Hadji, Paul Labrogere,
ACM SIGCOMM 2014, Chicago, United States
A solution for partial video voice over IP session transfer and retrieval,
Shanmugalingam Sivasothy, Vincent Verdot, Noël Crespi, Paul Labrogere,
WPMC 2011, Brest, France
My Own Communication Service Provider,
Shanmugalingam Sivasothy, Noël Crespi, Paul Labrogere,
ICUMT 2010, Moscow, Russian Federation
User mobility in a web-based communication system,
Sivasothy Shanmugalingam, Noel Crespi, Paul Labrogere,
4th International Conference on Internet Multimedia Systems Architecture and Applications (IMSAA 2010) 2010, Bangalore, India

Journal articles

Scalability and signaling architecture,
Sivasothy Shanmugalingam, Noel Crespi, Paul Labrogere,
International journal of research and reviews in next generation networks (IJRRNGN) 2011
Com 2.0 - A path towards web communicating applications,
Paul Labrogere,
Bell Labs Technical Journal 2008