Mohan Dhawan

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Blockchain-based real-time cheat prevention and robustness for multi-player online games,
Sukrit Kalra, Rishabh Sanghi, Mohan Dhawan,
CoNEXT 2018
ZEUS - Analyzing Safety of Smart Contracts,
Sukrit Kalra, Seep Goel, Mohan Dhawan, Subodh Sharma,
NDSS 2018
GRETEL - Lightweight Fault Localization for OpenStack,
Ayush Goel, Sukrit Kalra, Mohan Dhawan,
CoNEXT 2016
JURY - Validating Controller Actions in Software-Defined Networks,
Kshiteej Mahajan, Rishabh Poddar, Mohan Dhawan, Vijay Mann,
DSN 2016
POLLUX - safely upgrading dependent application libraries,
Sukrit Kalra, Ayush Goel, Dhriti Khanna, Mohan Dhawan, Subodh Sharma, Rahul Purandare,
Hansel - diagnosing faults in openStack,
Dhruv Sharma, Rishabh Poddar, Kshiteej Mahajan, Mohan Dhawan, Vijay Mann,
CoNEXT 2015
SPHINX - Detecting Security Attacks in Software-Defined Networks,
Mohan Dhawan, Rishabh Poddar, Kshiteej Mahajan, Vijay Mann,
NDSS 2015
CLOTHO - saving programs from malformed strings and incorrect string-handling,
Aritra Dhar, Rahul Purandare, Mohan Dhawan, Suresh Rangaswamy,
Retargetting Legacy Browser Extensions to Modern Extension Frameworks,
Rezwana Karim, Mohan Dhawan, Vinod Ganapathy,
ECOOP 2014
Efficient runtime-enforcement techniques for policy weaving,
Richard Joiner, Thomas Reps, Somesh Jha, Mohan Dhawan, Vinod Ganapathy,
Fathom - a browser-based network measurement platform,
Mohan Dhawan , Justin Samuel, Renata Teixeira , Christian Kreibich, Mark Allman, Nicholas Weaver, Vern Paxson,
Internet Measurement Conference 2012, Boston, United States
Enhancing JavaScript with Transactions,
Mohan Dhawan , Chung Chieh Shan, Vinod Ganapathy,
ECOOP 2012
An Analysis of the Mozilla Jetpack Extension Framework,
Rezwana Karim, Mohan Dhawan , Vinod Ganapathy, Chung Chieh Shan,
ECOOP 2012
Atlantis - robust, extensible execution environments for web applications,
James Mickens, Mohan Dhawan,
SOSP 2011
The case for JavaScript transactions - position paper,
Mohan Dhawan, Chung Chieh Shan, Vinod Ganapathy,
PLAS 2010
Analyzing Information Flow in JavaScript-Based Browser Extensions,
Mohan Dhawan, Vinod Ganapathy,
ACSAC 2009
Enforcing authorization policies using transactional memory introspection,
Arnar Birgisson, Mohan Dhawan, Úlfar Erlingsson, Vinod Ganapathy, Liviu Iftode,
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2008


Towards a More Reliable and Available Docker-based Container Cloud,
Mudit Verma, Mohan Dhawan,
CoRR 2017