Mohan Dhawan

Institution Inria
GroupFormer PhD students


Blockchain-based real-time cheat prevention and robustness for multi-player online games,
Sukrit Kalra, Rishabh Sanghi, Mohan Dhawan,
CoNEXT 2018, 178-190
ZEUS - Analyzing Safety of Smart Contracts,
Sukrit Kalra, Seep Goel, Mohan Dhawan, Subodh Sharma,
NDSS 2018
GRETEL - Lightweight Fault Localization for OpenStack,
Ayush Goel, Sukrit Kalra, Mohan Dhawan,
CoNEXT 2016, 413-426
JURY - Validating Controller Actions in Software-Defined Networks,
Kshiteej Mahajan, Rishabh Poddar, Mohan Dhawan, Vijay Mann,
DSN 2016, 109-120
POLLUX - safely upgrading dependent application libraries,
Sukrit Kalra, Ayush Goel, Dhriti Khanna, Mohan Dhawan, Subodh Sharma, Rahul Purandare,
SIGSOFT FSE 2016, 290-300
Hansel - diagnosing faults in openStack,
Dhruv Sharma, Rishabh Poddar, Kshiteej Mahajan, Mohan Dhawan, Vijay Mann,
CoNEXT 2015, 23:1-23:13
SPHINX - Detecting Security Attacks in Software-Defined Networks,
Mohan Dhawan, Rishabh Poddar, Kshiteej Mahajan, Vijay Mann,
NDSS 2015
CLOTHO - saving programs from malformed strings and incorrect string-handling,
Aritra Dhar, Rahul Purandare, Mohan Dhawan, Suresh Rangaswamy,
ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2015, 555-566
Retargetting Legacy Browser Extensions to Modern Extension Frameworks,
Rezwana Karim, Mohan Dhawan, Vinod Ganapathy,
ECOOP 2014, 463-488
Efficient runtime-enforcement techniques for policy weaving,
Richard Joiner, Thomas W. Reps, Somesh Jha, Mohan Dhawan, Vinod Ganapathy,
SIGSOFT FSE 2014, 224-234
Fathom - a browser-based network measurement platform,
Mohan Dhawan , Justin Samuel, Renata Teixeira , Christian Kreibich, Mark Allman, Nicholas Weaver, Vern Paxson,
Internet Measurement Conference 2012, Boston, United States, 73-86
Enhancing JavaScript with Transactions,
Mohan Dhawan , Chung-chieh Shan, Vinod Ganapathy,
ECOOP 2012, 383-408
An Analysis of the Mozilla Jetpack Extension Framework,
Rezwana Karim, Mohan Dhawan , Vinod Ganapathy, Chung-chieh Shan,
ECOOP 2012, 333-355
Atlantis - robust, extensible execution environments for web applications,
James W. Mickens, Mohan Dhawan,
SOSP 2011, 217-231
The case for JavaScript transactions - position paper,
Mohan Dhawan, Chung-chieh Shan, Vinod Ganapathy,
PLAS 2010, 6
Analyzing Information Flow in JavaScript-Based Browser Extensions,
Mohan Dhawan, Vinod Ganapathy,
ACSAC 2009, 382-391
Enforcing authorization policies using transactional memory introspection,
Arnar Birgisson, Mohan Dhawan, Úlfar Erlingsson, Vinod Ganapathy, Liviu Iftode,
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2008, 223-234


Towards a More Reliable and Available Docker-based Container Cloud,
Mudit Verma, Mohan Dhawan,
CoRR 2017