Mingshan Zhang

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Near-Optimal User Clustering and Power Control for Uplink MISO-NOMA Networks,
Junxia Zhang, Ming Liu, Ke Xiong, Mingshan Zhang ,
mmWave MISO-NOMA User Fair Scheduling,
Mingshan Zhang , Lou Salaun, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen ,
WSA 2021
Non-Orthogonal Coded Access Based Uplink Grant-Free Transmission for URLLC,
Mingshan Zhang , Mengting Lou, Hong Zhou, Yuantao Zhang, Ming Liu, Zhangdui Zhong,
ICCC 2019
Neural Network Assisted Active Constellation Extension for PAPR Reduction of OFDM System,
Mingshan Zhang , Ming Liu, Zhangdui Zhong,
WCSP 2019
Consistency Simulation and Optimization for HPIBM Model in Emergency Decision Making,
Daji Ergu, Mingshan Zhang , Zhili Guo, Xinfeng Yang,
ITQM 2014

Journal articles

Proportional Fair Scheduling for Downlink mmWave Multi-User MISO-NOMA Systems,
Mingshan Zhang , Yongna Guo, Lou Salaun, Chi Wan Sung, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen ,
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 2022
Zero-Forcing Oriented Power Minimization for Multi-Cell MISO-NOMA Systems: A Joint User Grouping, Beamforming, and Power Control Perspective,
Yaru Fu, Mingshan Zhang , Lou Salaun , Chi Wan Sung, Chung Shue (Calvin) Chen ,
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 2020
Time Reversal Processing for Downlink Limited Passive UHF RFID in Pulsed Wave Mode,
Mingshan Zhang , Chengran Fang, Pavlos Doanis, Julien Huillery, Arnaud Bréard, Yvan Duroc,
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 2019