Mathieu Leconte

Mathieu Leconte
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Load-balancing and resource-provisioning in large distributed systems Équilibrage de charge et répartition de ressources dans les grands systèmes distribués,
Mathieu Leconte ,


A Resource Allocation Framework for Network Slicing,
Mathieu Leconte, Georgios Paschos, Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Ulas Kozat,
INFOCOM 2018, Honolulu, United States
Resilient routing in SDN networks Routage résilient dans les réseaux SDN,
Mathieu Leconte, Stefano Paris, Jérémie Leguay,
ALGOTEL 2018 - 20èmes Rencontres Francophones sur les Aspects Algorithmiques des Télécommunications 2018, Roscoff, France
Slice-based column generation for network slicing,
Apostolos Destounis, Georgios Paschos, Stefano Paris, Jeremie Leguay, Lazaros Gkatzikis, Spyridon Vassilaras, Mathieu Leconte, Paolo Medagliani,
INFOCOM Workshops 2018
Traffic Engineering with Precomputed Pathbooks,
Mathieu Leconte, Apostolos Destounis, Georgios Paschos,
Global Optimization for Hash-Based Splitting,
Paolo Medagliani, Jeremie Leguay, Mohammed Amin Abdullah, Mathieu Leconte, Stefano Paris,
A method to reconstruct coverage loss maps based on matrix completion and adaptive sampling,
Symeon Chouvardas, Stefan Valentin, Moez Draief, Mathieu Leconte,
Cluster-aided mobility predictions,
Jaeseong Jeong, Mathieu Leconte, Alexandre Proutière ,
Placing dynamic content in caches with small population,
Mathieu Leconte, Georgios Paschos, Lazaros Gkatzikis, Moez Draief, Spyridon Vassilaras, Symeon Chouvardas,
Routing with blinkers: Online throughput maximization without queue length information,
Georgios Paschos, Mathieu Leconte, Apostolos Destounis,
ISIT 2016
Designing Adaptive Replication Schemes in Distributed Content Delivery Networks,
Mathieu Leconte, Marc Lelarge , Laurent Massoulié ,
ITC 2015, Ghent, Belgium
Double Hashing Thresholds via Local Weak Convergence,
Mathieu Leconte ,
51st Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing 2013, Urbana-Champaign, United States
Convergence of multivariate belief propagation, with applications to cuckoo hashing and load balancing,
Mathieu Leconte , Marc Lelarge , Laurent Massoulié ,
SODA 2013, United States
Bipartite graph structures for efficient balancing of heterogeneous loads,
Mathieu Leconte , Marc Lelarge , Laurent Massoulié ,
SIGMETRICS 2012, United Kingdom

Journal articles

Fast Mixing of Parallel Glauber Dynamics and Low-Delay CSMA Scheduling,
Libin Jiang, Mathieu Leconte , Jian Ni, Srikant, Jean Walrand,
IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 2012
Improved bounds on the throughput efficiency of greedy maximal scheduling in wireless networks,
Mathieu Leconte , Jian Ni, Srikant,
IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 2011


Mobility Prediction Using Non-Parametric Bayesian Model,
Jaeseong Jeong, Mathieu Leconte, Alexandre Proutière ,
CoRR 2015
Adaptive Replication in Distributed Content Delivery Networks,
Mathieu Leconte , Marc Lelarge , Laurent Massoulié ,
CoRR abs 2014
Mixing Time of Glauber Dynamics With Parallel Updates and Heterogeneous Fugacities,
Mathieu Leconte, Jian Ni, Srikant,
CoRR 2010