Lennart Gulikers

Lennart Gulikers
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Books And Theses

Sur deux problèmes d’apprentissage automatique : la détection de communautés et l’appariement adaptatif On two problems in machine learning : community detection and adaptive matching,
Lennart Gulikers ,


Non-Backtracking Spectrum of Degree-Corrected Stochastic Block Models,
Lennart Gulikers , Marc Lelarge , Laurent Massoulié ,
ITCS 2017, Berkeley, United States

Journal articles

Adaptive Matching for Expert Systems with Uncertain Task Types,
Virag Shah, Lennart Gulikers, Laurent Massoulié , Milan Vojnovic,
Operations Research 2020
An impossibility result for reconstruction in the degree-corrected stochastic block model,
Lennart Gulikers, Marc Lelarge , Laurent Massoulié ,
Annals of Applied Probability 2018


A spectral method for community detection in moderately-sparse degree-corrected stochastic block models,
Lennart Gulikers , Marc Lelarge , Laurent Massoulié ,
Advances in Applied Probability 2015
An Impossibility Result for Reconstruction in a Degree-Corrected Planted-Partition Model,
Lennart Gulikers , Marc Lelarge , Laurent Massoulié ,
CoRR 2015