Jihad Hamie

Jihad Hamie
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Books And Theses

Contributions to cooperative localization techniques within mobile wireless bady area networks Contributions pour la localisation basée sur les réseaux corporels sans fil,
Jihad Hamie ,


Adaptation of Grover's Quantum Algorithm to Multiuser Detection in an OCDMA System,
Muhammad Idham Habibie, Jihad Hamie, Claire Goursaud,
SOFTT 2021 - IEEE 5th Symposium on Future Telecommunication Technologies 2021, Bandung, Indonesia
On the Cramer-Rao Lower Bounds of Ranging Based on IR-UWB TOA Estimation in Wirelessbody Area Networks,
Jihad Hamie, Ali Hamieh, Joumana Younis, Moussa Ammar, Ahmad Ahmad Kassem, Ahmad Skaiky, Ali Hamie, Abbass Nasser, Hani Abdallah,
NTMS 2018
Is cooperative localization in wireless body area networks accurate enough for motion capture applications?,
Jihad Hamie, Anis Ouni , Claude Chaudet ,
SECON 2015, Seattle, United States
From the Characterization of Ranging Error to the Enhancement of Nodes Localization for Group of Wireless Body Area Networks,
Anis Ouni , Jihad Hamie, Claude Chaudet , Arturo Guizar, Claire Goursaud,
Radio-Based Navigation and Posture Detection Experiments in Cooperative Wireless Body Area Networks,
Benoît Denis, Jihad Hamie , Claude Chaudet ,
IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems (IEEE ICECS’14), Workshop on Emerging Techniques and Architectures in BAN Systems and Applications, 2014, Marseille, France
Improved Navigation Capabilities in Groups of Cooperative Wireless Body Area Networks,
Jihad Hamie , Claude Chaudet , Benoit Denis,
BODYNETS 2014, London, United Kingdom
Joint motion capture and navigation in heterogeneous Body Area Networks with distance estimation over neighborhood graph,
Jihad Hamie , Benoit Denis, Cedric Richard,
WPNC 2013
Empirical modeling of intra-BAN ranging errors based on IR-UWB TOA estimation,
Jihad Hamie, Benoit Denis, Raffaele Derrico, Cedric Richard,
Nodes updates censoring and scheduling in constrained decentralized positioning for large-scale motion capture based on wireless body area networks,
Jihad Hamie, Benoit Denis, Cedric Richard,

Journal articles

On-body TOA-based ranging error model for motion capture applications within wearable UWB networks,
Jihad Hamie, Benoit Denis, Raffaele Derrico, Cedric Richard,
J. Ambient Intell. Humaniz. Comput. 2015
Decentralized Positioning Algorithm for Relative Nodes Localization in Wireless Body Area Networks,
Jihad Hamie , Benoit Denis, Cedric Richard,
Mob. Networks Appl. 2014